Rebecca Cummins: descending metaphors and liquid scrutiny (Lawyers, guns & money 2)
Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, SA

Part of the Lawyers, guns & money project.
Rebecca Cummins stacked monitors six high in a work from 1991 called Descending metaphors in which an endless list of euphemisms from the gulf war descended constantly to chilling effect, as the anodyne, and literary construction of the phrases masked the physical actuality of the referred outcomes.
Liquid scrutiny rearticulated a conversation piece from the 17th century, where wine glasses, or in this case silver goblets, also operate as a form of surveillance technology with which to keep an eye on your fellow diners through peering down a lens placed at the bottom of the bowl.

Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS
EAF annual report 1997; AGNSW Library catalogue

Exhibition Catalogue:
Lawyers, guns & money: a project of the Experimental Art Foundation. Adelaide, SA: Experimental Art Foundation, 1997
ISBN 0949836338

Event type/s
Minor Solo