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Preston, Margaret, b. 1875
Margaret Preston specialised in still life subjects, seeking to reinvent the genre, with inspiration from Aboriginal art and Australian native flowers, but she also made ...
Updated Sept. 14, 2023
Pyke, Guelda Esther Leah, b. 1905
Australian ceramist, jewellery and fashion designer who, after visits to Bali and training with George Bell, took up painting in the 1950s and worked in ...
Updated Sept. 10, 2023
Williams, Fred, b. 1927
Fred Williams' paintings of the Australian landscape can be seen as a modernist reinterpretation of the Heidelberg tradition. He was a figurative artist who valued ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Crooke, Ray, b. 1922
Crooke began his career as an artist at a Melbourne advertising agency while taking courses as Swinburne Technical College. After 1939-45 war service, he taught, ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
de Maistre, Roy, b. 1894
Roy De Maistre, along with Roland Wakelen and Grace Cossington Smith was one of the pioneers of Post Impressionism in Australia. Later, in England, he ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Leach-Jones, Alun, b. 1937
Alun Leach-Jones was one of the generation of artists who helped define Australian colourfield art in the 1960s. Hie first came to prominence exhibiting in ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Nolan, Sidney, b. 1917
Sir Sidney Nolan, the son of a Melbourne tram driver, became one of Australia's most celebrated and honoured artists. His Ned Kelly series made him ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Lymburner, Francis, b. 1916
Brisbane born artist Francis Lymburner first came to prominence as one of the members of Sydney's Charm School in the late 1940s. His subject matter ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Lindsay, Percy, b. 1870
Painter and illustrator, working in Creswick, Melbourne, Sydney and regional NSW. Eldest artistic member of the Lindsay siblings whose most admired works are his sensitive ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Blackman, Charles, b. 1928
The Antipodean artist Charles Blackman was best known for his paintings of schoolgirls and the whimsy of Alice in Wonderland. He was a part of ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Murch, Arthur James, b. 1902
Painter and sculptor, assistant to George Lambert, and in World War II the War artist who captured images of the bombed city of Darwin. Later ...
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Updated Sept. 2, 2023
Macqueen, Kenneth, b. 1897
A trustee of the Queensland Art Gallery, Macqueen studied art in London after serving with the Australian Imperial Forces during World War One. On returning ...
Updated Sept. 1, 2023
Irving, Tony, b. 1939
Melbourne based painter, illustrator and designer. In 1982-83 was artist-in-residence with the Victorian Trades Hall, commissioned to depict life on the workshop floor.
Updated Sept. 1, 2023
Updated Sept. 1, 2023
Olsen, John, b. 1928
John Olsen's exuberant paintings, which were first exhibited in Sydney in the 1950s, are often celebrations of Sydney, Majorca, marine life, good food and sunshine. ...
Updated Sept. 1, 2023
Updated Sept. 1, 2023
Appleton, Jean, b. 1911
Appleton was a painter and craftworker who studied at East Sydney Technical College and at the Westminster School, London. After seeing French sculptor Maillol's work ...
Updated Aug. 31, 2023
Shead, Gria, b. 1972
Shead is a painter and printmaker. She trained at the National Art School, Sydney.
Updated June 12, 2023
Updated May 17, 2023
Bryans, Lina, b. 1909
A somewhat peripatetic artist whose wanderlust took her to Europe, America and Central Australia, Lina Bryans was noted for her landscapes and her abstract modernism.
Updated May 17, 2023
Harding, Nicholas, b. 1956
painter, sketcher, printmaker, illustrator and animator. After studying art in the mid 1970s, Harding travelled through Europe, then returned to Australia, where he developed a ...
Updated Nov. 8, 2022
Pugh, Clifton, b. 1924
Influential mid 20th century Melbourne painter and illustrator
Updated Oct. 4, 2022