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Webber, John, b. 1752
Artist-draughtsman on Cook's third voyage. Webber was among the most travelled artists of his age. He was instrumental in the dissolution of the traditional concept ...
Bligh, William, b. 1754
Despite being a competent natural history painter, Bligh's artistic activity has been completely overshadowed by several unfortunate controversies including the mutiny of his crew on ...
Labillardière, Jacques-Julien Houtou De, b. 1755
A naturalist and collector, he came to Australia aboard La Recherche on a voyage to the Pacific with L'Espérance in 1791.
Paterson, William, b. 1755
William Paterson was a sketcher, natural historian, collector, soldier and lieutenant-governor. He was interested in zoology and is said to have been the first person ...
Watts, John, b. 1755
Naval officer, sailed with the First Fleet to New South Wales in the convict transport 'Lady Penrhyn'. Extracts from Watts's journal of the First Fleet ...
Ball, Henry Lidgbird, b. 1756
A naval officer, Ball commanded a ship in the First Fleet. He discovered and named Lord Howe Island and made an ink and watercolour work ...
Ellis, William Webb, b. 1756
A watercolourist and draughtsman. Webb worked as surgeon's mate on Cook's third voyage. He drew coastal profiles, bird studies and landscapes.
Littlejohn, Robert, b. 1756
Painter, drawing teacher, naturalist and settler, was born and educated in Scotland. He came to Van Diemen's Land in 1803. His greatest passion was for ...
White, John, b. 1756
Natural history collector, author and naval surgeon, he was chief surgeon on the First Fleet. He avidly collected specimens and drawings, but there is little ...
Roberts, Henry, b. 1757
Henry Roberts, British naval officer and topographical artist, was described by Lieutenant John Gore as "most certainly a very Deserving young Man".
Bradley, William, b. 1758
First Fleet naval officer and draughtsman, noted both for his excellent journal and for executing the first known view of Sydney.
King, Philip Gidley, b. 1758
King sailed with the First Fleet to Botany Bay in 1788. He established the settlement in Norfolk Island and later became governor of New South ...
Bauer, Ferdinand Lucas, b. 1760
Ferdinand Lucas Bauer never emigrated to Australia, but as part of the 1801 Flinders's expedition team, he captured some of the most detailed and beautiful ...
Stone, Sarah, b. 1760
Sarah Stone worked as a painter and natural history illustrator in England between 1777 and 1820, and although she never visited the Pacific region she ...
Society of Artists

by Hodges, William.

Also exhibited in 1763 & 1764.

Watling, Thomas, b. 1762
Painter, author and convict from Dumfries, Scotland, Watling was transported to Sydney in 1792. Most of Watling's work are of natural history subjects but there ...
Brambila, Fernando, b. 1763
Artist appointed to the Spanish expedition(1789/1794) under Alejandro Malaspina. He painted views of the Sydney area during their stay in 1793.
Bauza, Felipe, b. 1764
As part of the Spanish navy, Felipe Bauza sailed to New South Wales in 1793 to observe the British settlements. He made several sketches during ...