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School of Society of Arts and Crafts
An advertisement in "Art and Design One", Ure Smith, 1949 lists instruction in drawing, design, lettering, embroidery and interior decoration. Instructors include Amie Kingston, Thea ...
Furniture Manufacturers Association
An organisation, based in Victoria, providing information and advice for the wholesale furniture manufacturing trade and government.
Prestige Limited
Prestige Limited was a textile firm working in Victoria, active from 1922 to 1979 when mergers created a name change. The firm hired a number ...
Ramler is a Victoria-based furniture design and manufacturing company founded by Harry Ramler, an emigre born in Poland and arriving in Australia in 1949. His ...
J.C. Clarke
J.C. Clarke is described as a furniture manufacturer based in Botany and designing and making contemporary timber, plastic and Laminex dining room furniture.
G.I. Woodhouse Pty Ltd
G. I Woodhouse has been identified as a furniture designer and manufacturer active in Victoria with a factory and showrooms in Ascot Vale, Melbourne.
William Bedford Ltd
William Bedford Ltd was a furniture designer and maker, 490 Little Lonsdale Street, Melbourne. The firm specialised in chromed steel furniture, advertising in 1938. The ...
Pink William
Founded by Brendan Benksy and Tunni Kraus, Pink William’s initial collective members include artists; Sue Guzick, Raphi Solarsh, Adva Weinstein and Ronch Willner.
All Australian Graphics
All Australian Graphics was founded in 1972 by Mimmo Cozzolino and Con Aslanis as a collective of designers, growing to seven staff.
DECOR Associates
An interior design firm established in 1959 by Warren ‘Tom’ Harding and David Larimer. DECOR was active in domestic and commercial interiors,