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Doyle, Andrew, b. 1774
Andrew Doyle was a botanical artist, engraver, printer and farmer. He was convicted of having in his possession paper carrying the watermark of the Bank ...
Harris, George, b. 1775
Sketcher and surveyor, he was one of the first settlers of both Port Phillip, Victoria and Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). He made surveys, ...
Lycett, Joseph, b. 1775
Joseph Lycett was a painter. In 1811 he was convicted of forgery and transported to New South Wales for 14 years. Despite being called a ...
Péron, François Auguste, b. 1775
Naval draughtsman and natural scientist. Appointed student zoologist on the expedition to the South Pacific under the command of Nicolas Baudin which returned to France ...
Royal Academy

by Hodges, William.

Also exhibited in 1777 and then annually from 1785-1794.

Adams, William, b. 1776
William Adams and his son James, also an artist, worked on a property at Dundas, New South Wales. It is unclear whether William or James ...
Bolger, John, b. 1776
A convict, John Bolger's painting of Woolloomooloo is in the collection of the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales. A pencil note attached ...
Browne, Richard, b. 1776
A convict artist of the early nineteenth century. His early works are of natural history subjects; later he turned to figurative work, particularly of Indigenous ...
An Opossum of V.D.L.

by Webber, John.

watercolour. Dixson Library, State Library of New South Wales


by Webber, John.

National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England

View of Otahaite Peha

by Webber, John.

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney

Campbell, Henry I., b. 1777
Sketcher and draughtsman of Sydney views.
Campbell, Sophia, b. 1777
Until 2009 regarded as a watercolour painter and sketcher and as Australia's first woman artist. This entry, written in 2009, outlines details of the re-attribution ...
Greenway, Francis Howard, b. 1777
Greenway was deported to the colony after the family's building firm declared themselves bankrupt and he was found guilty of forging a document. He became ...
Petit, Nicolas-Martin, b. 1777
Petit was the artist for a French voyage to Australia, whose job, according to the eminent scientist Antoine-Laurent de Jussieu, was to record 'all that ...
Preston, Walter, b. 1777
Walter Preston was engraver and convict. In 1811 he was sentenced to death for highway robbery at the Middlesex Assizes, London but was transported to ...