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Meenyan Art Gallery

by Sandon, Karen Valerie.

inaugural annual print works on paper show.

Duterrau, Benjamin, b. 1767
Duterrau arrived in Australia when he was 65. Already an established artist, he produced many Australian 'firsts' including 'The Conciliation' - the first history painting ...
Currie, Jane Eliza, b. 1794
Miniature and watercolour painter, born in England, UK. Resident of Western Australia she painted some of earliest known views taken in the area.
Marsden, Ann, b. 1794
Female colonial painter and embroiderer who taught indigenous children literacy in her Sunday school at Parramatta, while exerting considerable influence on her father, the Reverend, ...
Graves, John Woodcock, b. 1795
A painter and composer, Graves worked in a variety of roles and jobs while living in Tasmania, advertising his various skills that included painting, composing, ...
Rishworth, Richard, b. 1799
Richard Rishworth, listed in the Ballarat Directory in 1857 as artist and decorator, lived at Bakery Hill, Ballarat East, Victoria. He was also Secretary for ...
McCormick, Robert, b. 1800
McCormick is neither remembered for his excellence in the navy nor blessed with a magnificent portfolio that might redeem his deficiencies in this area. Although ...
image of Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass was Melbourne-based water proof garment manufacturer amalgamated with Dunlop Perdriau Rubber Company in 1929.
Sands & McDougall
Sands & McDougall was a large printing firm in 19th century Sydney. The firm employed artists to design invitations and illuminations.
Docker, Joseph, b. 1802
Photographer Joseph Docker is thought to have taken the earliest surviving calotypes in Australia. With his photographer son, they took many images of the Australian ...
Bennett, George, b. 1804
After two previous trips to Australia as a natural historian, George Bennett finally settled in Sydney in 1836 and worked as a medical practitioner. He ...
McCrae, Georgiana Huntly, b. 1804
A prolific painter. McCrae produced a variety of work throughout her life. She received much acclaim for her miniatures and portraits.
Wyatt, William, b. 1804
Medical practitioner who made an album of scientific illustrations after settling in colonial South Australia. Father of William Wyatt.
Irvine, John, b. 1805
As a painter and portraitist, John Irvine made a name for himself in Scotland as well as Adelaide and Dunedin. Actively involved in art societies, ...
Macarthur, Emily, b. 1806
Female colonial artist of the famous Macarthur family who painted and sketched places where she lived and travelled, eventually establishing the Macarthur family home, Camden ...
Marsden, Mary Ellen, b. 1806
Female colonial poet, watercolourist and sketcher who posed for another painter in the act of painting flowers, although no floral still-lifes by her have been ...
Pâris, François-Edmond, b. 1806
François-Edmond Pâris was a painter, draughtsman, scholar and naval officer. He was born in Paris in 1806. Pâris entered the navy in 1820 and within ...
Dinham, George, b. 1807
George Dinham emigrated to Tasmania around 1846, he was an amateur painter who exhibited in several major exhibitions.
Lazenby, George, b. 1807
Cabinetmaker, master builder, lay preacher and civil servant. He was born in 1807. A man with a social conscience Lazenby was Chairman of the Swan ...
Wilshire, William Pitt, b. 1807
Native colonial whose claim to fame as first-born Australian artist belied the fact he took up landscape only because of the threat of photography to ...