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Meenyan Art Gallery

by Sandon, Karen Valerie.

inaugural annual print works on paper show.

Duterrau, Benjamin, b. 1767
Duterrau arrived in Australia when he was 65. Already an established artist, he produced many Australian 'firsts' including 'The Conciliation' - the first history painting ...
image of Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass was Melbourne-based water proof garment manufacturer amalgamated with Dunlop Perdriau Rubber Company in 1929.
Sands & McDougall
Sands & McDougall was a large printing firm in 19th century Sydney. The firm employed artists to design invitations and illuminations.
Bennett, George, b. 1804
After two previous trips to Australia as a natural historian, George Bennett finally settled in Sydney in 1836 and worked as a medical practitioner. He ...
McCrae, Georgiana Huntly, b. 1804
A prolific painter. McCrae produced a variety of work throughout her life. She received much acclaim for her miniatures and portraits.
Pâris, François-Edmond, b. 1806
François-Edmond Pâris was a painter, draughtsman, scholar and naval officer. He was born in Paris in 1806. Pâris entered the navy in 1820 and within ...
Plush, John Saddington, b. 1808
South Australian sketcher, farmer and orchardist. The Art Gallery of South Australia holds a watercolour by Plush.
Russell, Robert, b. 1808
Despite Russell's extensive work as a sketcher, amateur photographer, etcher, lithographer, carver, architect and surveyor, he is still better known for his work ethic and ...
Flintoff, Thomas, b. 1809
The adventurous Flintoff travelled in North America before reaching Melbourne, via Mexico and the Society Islands. This voyage formed the subject of his later paintings. ...
Rowntree, Edward Casson, b. 1810
The best known architectural work by Edward Casson Rowntree is the Hobart Town Savings Bank (now the Murray Street branch of the Savings Bank of ...
Meredith, Louisa, b. 1812
Miniaturist, watercolourist, engraver, poet, writer and botanist. She resided in Tasmania for most of her life and exhibited in many Intercolonial Exhibitions.
Rae, John, b. 1813
"I am anxious to make some of you amateurs like myself" was Rae's plea to students at the Sydney Mechanics School of Arts in 1855. ...
Turner, Thomas, b. 1813
An architect, surveyor and selector, his drawings show a sharp eye for domestic detail and include humble buildings and people going about their everyday life.
Allerding, Frederick, b. 1815
Allerding was a jeweller and amateur photographer known to be in Sydney, NSW in 1872.
Plomley, Jenner, b. 1815
Jenner Plomley was an amateur photographer and medical practitioner. From about 1857 he lived on the Hunter's Hill peninsula. In 1862 Dr Plomley showed his ...
Bateman, Edward La Trobe, b. 1816
Although seeking his fortune in the Victorian goldfields, Edward La Trobe Bateman instead drifted into work as an illustrator and landscape designer. One of his ...
Flavelle, John, b. 1816
Although he trained as an optician, John Flavelle apparently had the aptitude to earn his living as a photographer, watchmaker, jeweller and general importer. Flavelle ...
Laishley, Richard, b. 1816
Laishley was a natural history painter, lithographer and Congregational clergyman; a pupil of the painter and engraver Le Cocq. He was sent to New Zealand ...
Elyard, Samuel, b. 1817
Influenced by his teacher John Skinner Prout and by Conrad Martens, Elyard favoured picturesque buildings, street scenes and landscapes. He was a colourful figure who ...