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Meenyan Art Gallery

by Sandon, Karen Valerie.

inaugural annual print works on paper show.

Masters, Percy, b. 1893
Self-taught painter whose panoramas of Gippsland went on exhibition in the mid 1990s.
Wenban, Raymond Stewart, b. 1893
Mid 20th century Sydney, Melbourne and London illustrator, painter and printmaker, Wenban studied art with Julian Ashton and Elioth Gruner. In 1954 he was one ...
Hall, Nancy Adrah, b. 1900
Sydney based painter, craftworker, designer and editor. In July 1924 she published the first issue of the magazine Undergrowth, which recognised many female artists of ...
Dawn Wann
Brown, Vincent, b. 1901
Vincent Brown's assertation that he was Queensland's first modernist artist in oils was justified but his productive period in this medium lasted no longer than ...
Ogilvie, Helen Elizabeth, b. 1902
While working as the director of Peter Bray Gallery in Melbourne, Helen Ogilvie organised exhibitions for such avant-garde artists as Margo Lewers, John Brack, Sidney ...
Greenhalgh, Audrey, b. 1903
A largely self-taught artist best known for her oil paintings of natural subjects, most often the sea. Her interest in abstraction meant her work in ...
O'Harris, Pixie, b. 1903
Pixie O'Harris was a mid 20th century painter, children's book illustrator, muralist, cartoonist and writer. It was the birth of her third daughter that prompted ...
Sinclair, Rex, b. 1904
Mid 20th century Newcastle illusionist, entertainer, cartoonist and ventriloquist.
Wall, Edith, b. 1904
Mid 20th century New Zealand-born, Sydney and Melbourne-based painter, printmaker, cartoonist and art teacher.
Currie, Betsey, b. 1905
Painter and teacher who had a long association with J. W. R. Linton and worked at the Linton Institute of Art. She changed her name ...
Hawkins, Sheila, b. 1905
Mid 20th century painter, illustrator and author. War artist and children's book illustrator.
Kahan, Louis, b. 1905
Louis Kahan was a versatile, multi-talented artist and designer. He served in the French Foreign Legion and worked as a tailor in Paris where he ...
McCrae, Marjory Francesca, b. 1905
Mid 20th century painter, cartoonist and commercial artist. Her parents' great friend Norman Lindsay taught her to draw and throughout the course of her career ...
Rees, Leslie Clarence, b. 1905
Illustrator, author, art critic, editor, producer, drama historian and dramatist. Rees published many popular and beautifully illustrated children's books on Australian fauna, but he is ...
Smith, Joshua, b. 1905
Painter, predominantly of traditional portraits whose sitters included fellow artist Lloyd Rees. Smith, who also worked as an art teacher, won the Archibald Prize in ...
Missingham, Hal, b. 1906
Western Australian born painter, photographer, illustrator and author. He also had an active interest in design issues authoring a book, "Design Focus" for architects, craftworkers ...