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Boyne, John, b. 1750
Late 18th century London cartoonist who published cartoons about the imminent departure of the First Fleet to Sydney in 1786.
Swainson, William, b. 1789
Natural history artist, illustrator, lithographer, naturalist and commissary. McMillan considers that 'His botanical work is unimportant; his claim to remembrance rests upon his zoological work ...
Cruikshank, George, b. 1792
19th century English cartoonist who drew several cartoons with colonial Australian themes.
Heath, William, b. 1795
English cartoonist who satirised the convict transportation system and the Swan River settlement (Perth).
Wilson, William H., b. 1795
Wilson was an illustrator and wood-engraver who came to Sydney in 1828 where he took up premises as one of the few commercial artist-engravers in ...
Gill, John, b. 1797
Colonial era Victorian architect and attributed cartoonist.
Goodwin, William Lushington, b. 1798
Colonial Tasmanian engraver, amateur photographer, newspaper editor and merchant mariner. As the editor of the Cornwall Chronicle, Goodwin regularly upset his readers and members of ...
Seymour, Robert, b. 1798
Early 19th century London cartoonist whose work satirised the Swan River settlement (Perth).
Clayton, B., b. 1805
Watercolourist and possible cartoonist. Resident of NSW, it is possible that there may be several B. Claytons.
Fernyhough, William Henry, b. 1809
Fernyhough produced silhouette portraits of Sydney personalities and of Aborigines. He is believed to have introduced zincography to New South Wales.
Pittman, Joseph, b. 1810
Colonial-era Melbourne painter, sketcher, cartoonist, draughtsman and stationer. The twice-married Pittman was employed in a variety of government-related positions including stationery supplier and as a ...
Mitford, Eustace Reveley, b. 1811
Colonial era Adelaide cartoonist, illustrator, journalist, sailor and farmer
Wilson, Edward, b. 1813
Colonial Melbourne editor and farmer who, as an amateur cartoonist, compiled an illustrated book of his life on the farm as a gift to his ...
Skipper, John Michael, b. 1815
Colonial Adelaide painter, sketcher, cartoonist, writer and solicitor.
Leech, John, b. 1817
Mid 19th century English cartoonist whose work included references to the Australian Gold rush of the 1850s.
Nixon, Frederick Robert, b. 1817
Colonial era Adelaide cartoonist, sketcher, etcher, journalist and surveyor.
Gill, Samuel, b. 1818
Colonial era watercolourist, lithographer and presumably photographer who documented exploration and the Gold Rush in Australia.
Testar, Elizabeth, b. 1819
Elizabeth Testar (née Turner) was a painter and singer. In 1850 she arrived with her husband Thomas in Victoria. Testar became one of Melbourne's principal ...
Campbell, Oswald Rose, b. 1820
Leading colonial art teacher and painter.