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Turner, James Woodward, b. 1780
London businessman, pioneer settler and amateur wood turner who brought his own lathe when he immigrated in Western Australia.
Dempster, James MacLean, b. 1810
Amateur wood turner, born in Scotland, who arrived in 1830 as a crewmember of the Eagle owned by Charles Pratt.
Bates, Thomas William, b. 1816
Woodcarver, stonemason and monumental mason, he was the case maker for the organ in Christchurch, Mandurah.
Ferry, Allan, b. 1825
Listed as a Toodyay cabinetmaker in the 1879-1884 Almanacks.
Oriol, Isidore, b. 1825
Cabinetmaker and woodcarver whose work is in collection of Benedictine Monastery in New Norcia, WA.
Dowling, James, b. 1826
James Dowling was born in 1826. He was a woodcarver and joiner.
Durlacher, Alfred, b. 1828
Surveyor and amateur woodworker who arrived in Western Australia in 1838.
Prunster, Augustine, b. 1828
Noted for his work in the construction of churches at York, Guildford and Subiaco.
Spencer, Robert John, b. 1830
Robert John Spencer was born in 1830. He was an amateur woodworker and turner. A couch made by Spencer shows the proficiency achieved by an ...
Fern, Matthew, b. 1831
Matthew Fern was a woodcarver of exceptional skills who flourished in Queensland during the second half of the nineteenth century. It is difficult to extract ...
Sani, Tomaso, b. 1839
Italian-born sculptor Tomaso Sani, along with Luigi del Vescovo, was responsible for the controversial basso-relievo carvings on Sydney's General Post Office in 1883. He carved ...
Passmore, Henry, b. 1840
Amateur furniture maker, woodcarver and embroiderer who exhibited internationally.
Furphy, Joseph, b. 1843
Furphy made doors to fit his daughter-in-law Mattie Furphy's metalwork, which are now in Tom Collins House Swanbourne plus the surrounds and overmantel for the ...
Sherriff, Alexander Dickson, b. 1843
Scottish-born Alexander Sherriff was commissioned to carve a statue of Sir George Grey for the Lands Department Building, Sydney, in 1901. He lived and worked ...
Twynam, Emily Rose, b. 1845
Sketcher, designer and carver. Her numerous works are now owned by the National Trust (NSW).
Howitt, William, b. 1846
William Howitt was a woodcarver. He lived and worked in Western Australia and exhibited his carvings at international exhibitions.
Munday, Marian, b. 1850
The 1910 exhibition of the Arts and Crafts Society of New South Wales included for the first time a display of art pottery from which ...
Bird, Augusta Maude, b. 1853
Pyrographer who was born in Western Australia.
Chan, Alfred, b. 1853
Alfred Chan was born in 1853. He was a woodcarver and upholsterer who was listed in the 1884-89 Almanacks. Chan was based in Western Australia.