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Fish, Donald, b. 1929
Fish produced poster designs, logotypes, packaging, TV commercials and illustrations for major clients around the world, including Cadbury's, British Airways, Qantas and TIME Magazine. Founder ...
Monro, Gordon, b. 1946
Gordon Monro is a digital media artist working with generative procedures that produce images and sound.
Stelarc, , b. 1946
Stelarc is a performance, installation and new media artist who has performed and exhibited in Japan, Europe and the United States. Using medical instruments, prosthetics, ...
Vincent, Annette, b. 1946
As both scientist and artist Vincent is a keen sketcher and etcher who takes every opportunity to draw what see sees, especially the degradation of ...
Jansons, Bernd, b. 1948
Bernd Jansons is a professional artist working in the digital medium. His work has been exhibited in Australia in Sydney, Melbourne and the Gold Coast, ...
Lew, Zelman, b. 1948
Zelman Lew, visual artist, was born in Melbourne in 1948. Since 1994 he has been practicing art, graphic design and web design.
Enright, Malcolm James, b. 1949
Enright is known as a multiple-service provider, working in a collaborative studio with his spouse, the bespoke jeweller -and sculptor Barbara Heath and her master ...
Mills, Wendy, b. 1950
Wendy Mills is an Australian visual artist whose practice has ranged from temporary installations, to interactive computer works, to commissioned public art. Much of her ...
Hammerstingl, Werner, b. 1951
Hammerstingl works in photography, digital design and graphics. He has also lectured in photography at the University of Melbourne and the Melbourne College of Advanced ...
Davis, Jan, b. 1952
A printmaker whose work explores both traditional and new print technologies and the relationship between text and photographic images. In 1995 she won the Fremantle ...
Ashby, Lyn, b. 1953
Artist working in the fields of photography, graphic design and limited edition artists' books.
Bell, Richard, b. 1953
Self-described 'propagandist', Richard Bell, was the 2003 winner of the Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award.
Lord, Anne, b. 1953
Contemporary photographer, printmaker, ephemeral, installation and digital media artist who lives and works in North Queensland. Lord's work is concerned with contemporary environmental issues and ...
Phillips, Jennifer, b. 1954
Phillips is a published author, teacher and artist who has been making and teaching art since the 1970s.
Symes, Adrian, b. 1954
NSW-based artist Adrian Symes works across a range of media including painting, drawing, sculpture, performance, video and audio, and murals.
Corbet, David, b. 1955
David Corbet is an educator, artist/designer, writer, editor and curator. He teaches in the Art and Design domains at UNSW and the University of Sydney. ...
Allen, Belinda Ann, b. 1956
Belinda Allen is a digital photomedia artist based in Sydney. She graduated in Printmaking from the SA School of Art in 1977, and has worked ...
Casey, Karen, b. 1956
Interdisciplinary Tasmanian Aboriginal artist who began exhibiting in 1987. Her work addresses personal, environmental, political and scientific themes.
Cattapan, Jon, b. 1956
artist who works with painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, collage, printmaking and digital media. Cattapan was born in 1956. His works demonstrate his interest with ...