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Lazenby, George, b. 1807
Cabinetmaker, master builder, lay preacher and civil servant. He was born in 1807. A man with a social conscience Lazenby was Chairman of the Swan ...
McLarty, John, b. 1812
Farmer and furniture maker John McLarty specialized in bridge building but also made family furniture.
Baines, James Alex, b. 1814
Baines was a cabinetmaker who arrived in 1840 on the Island Queen from London.
Benjamin, David, b. 1817
Cabinetmaker who arrived in Australia in 1840.
King, Thomas F., b. 1821
King was a photographer and cabinet maker who lived and worked in Tasmania though he exhibited his work in Melbourne in 1866 and 1867.
Davis, Thomas, b. 1829
Thomas Davis was born in 1829. He was a cabinetmaker who worked at Perth and Fremantle.
McAlish, John, b. 1830
Cabinetmaker who arrived in 1848.
Frazer, George, b. 1834
Soldier and cabinetmaker who arrived in Australia in 1864.
Ebenston, Joshua, b. 1835
Joshua Ebenston was a skilled cabinet-maker in colonial Brisbane. However, because furniture from his workshop was unmarked we know of the quality of his work ...
Clifford, William, b. 1838
William Clifford was born in 1838. He was a cabinetmaker who arrived in 1864.
Leverman, John Louis, b. 1838
A country cabinetmaker who arrived in Western Australia in 1859. He worked at the Greenough from the 1860s into the 20th century.
Burns, Robert, b. 1841
Cabinetmaker who arrived in Western Australia in 1862. He was also a carpenter and sawyer.
Lubker, Auguste Frederick, b. 1844
Cabinetmaker who arrived in 1887.
Duffield, Edwin Foss, b. 1846
Edwin Foss Duffield was born in 1846. He was a cabinetmaker. He lived in Beach Street Fremantle in 1905. His work is held in the ...
Marchant, David, b. 1850
David Marchant was a cabinetmaker. He was born around 1850. Marchant fabricated a presentation casket to Queen Victoria in 1887 on the occasion of her ...
Schwartz, Charles Ludwig, b. 1851
Cabinetmaker, listed in Perth in the Almanacks 1883-88.
Crocker, John Samuel, b. 1855
Cabinetmaker employed by Smith & Co. Crocker arrived in 1883 and met his death by being run over by a train.
Ferrie, Allan, b. 1856
Cabinetmaker and woodcarver born in Scotland who arrived in 1883.
Chan, William, b. 1857
William Chan was born in 1857. He was a carpenter and wood turner. Chan is also listed as an upholsterer in the 1884-89 Almanacks.