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Gresswell, John, b. 1798
Goldsmith and orchardist who was born in England who lived and worked in Perth in mid 1800s.
Smith, Matthew, b. 1816
Engraver who came from England in 1851. Smith may not have practised his art in Western Australia.
Qwist, Christian Ludwig, b. 1818
Photographer and goldsmith of Danish heritage. A resident of Bendigo and in later years Sydney, mainly noted for his design and craftsmanship of commissioned commemorative ...
Hogarth, Julius, b. 1820
Professional jeweller, smith, sculptor, engraver and diesinker of Danish origin. Resided and worked in Sydney and later Melbourne, is distinguished for his incorporation of Australian ...
Kosvitz, Augustus John, b. 1831
Queensland-based watchmaker, jeweller and metalsmith who produced presentation pieces and jewellery in gold and silver. A former employee of Hogarth, Erichsen & Co., Kosvitz introduced ...
Smith, Thomas, b. 1832
Artist engraver who may have attempted suicide in 1887.
Brown, Charles Allen, b. 1850
Charles Allen Brown was the pre-eminent manufacturing jeweller active in Brisbane during the last Quarter of the nineteenth century. An apprentice of Christian Ludwig Qwist, ...
Ferguson & Urie
Colonial Victorian Stained Glass craftsmen 'Ferguson & Urie' 1853 - 1899. Also see:
Dancey, George Henry, b. 1864
British born Federation era cartoonist and stained glass designer.
Priestner, Wilfred, b. 1871
Wrought-iron craftsman and engineer. After he died in 1961, his family gave his old workshop as a museum to the City of Nedlands.
Carter, Norman St Clair, b. 1875
Norman St Clair Carter was a portrait painter, stained-glass artist, muralist and teacher who trained in Melbourne before relocating permanently to Sydney in 1903.
Rowbotham, Walter, b. 1878
Painter and teacher, won the Royal College of Art Scholarship and the Royal College of Art Travelling Scholarship. Rowbotham exhibited with West Australian Society of ...
Richardson, Maude Rose, b. 1879
Maude Rose Richardson was born in 1879. With her friends Alma Pericles and Mrs W. E. Stephenson, she formed the West Australian Women Painters and ...
Leviny, Dorothy, b. 1881
Enamel and metal worker,devoted a good part of her life to the various crafts that interested her. Lived in the Leviny home, Buda, outside Castlemaine, ...
Steeth, James, b. 1884
Steeth was a a metalsmith commissioned in 1919 to fabricate the Melbourne Cup. His descendants continued the tradition with Maurice Steeth and later Michael Steeth ...
Lancaster, Charles, b. 1886
Charles Lancaster was significant figure in Brisbane art through his service of the committee of the Royal/Queensland Art Society and the Queensland National Art Gallery. ...
Whitesides, Vera Lindsay, b. 1886
Described as a women of charm, Vera was a versatile artist proficient in a wide range of art and craft media. Best known in her ...