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Sands & McDougall
Sands & McDougall was a large printing firm in 19th century Sydney. The firm employed artists to design invitations and illuminations.
Meek, James McKain Archibald Job, b. 1815
Sketcher, penman and designer, Meek produced what are thought to be the earliest drawings made on the Ballarat goldfields. He was also well known for ...
Smith, George Frederick, b. 1828
Sketcher, designer, illuminator and decorator George Frederick Smith was awarded a variety of medals for his illuminations, imitation marbling and wood graining. Smith's pen sketches ...
Ralston, William, b. 1848
Colonial-era visiting Scottish photographer, cartoonist, illustrator, postcard, genre and military artist.
Broad, Alfred Scott, b. 1854
Late colonial South Australian painter, illustrator, cartoonist, commercial artist and advertising agent
Furniss, Harry, b. 1854
19th century Irish-born caricaturist, writer and illustrator who published a book based on his travels in Australasia in 1899.
De Closay, Edward Tiger, b. 1859
Edward Tiger De Closay was a Federation period postcard illustrator who drew Edwardian glamour girls for coloured postcards. In 1910 he exhibited with the Royal ...
Gosper, Clarence Thomas, b. 1867
graphic artist and photographer specializing in illuminations and presentations, calligraphy photographer, worked for John Sands, Sydney 1913-1914, then independently. Daughter Essie (q.v) and son Neville ...
Meeson Coates, Dora, b. 1869
Federation era painter, craftworker and illustrator, Meeson Coates was married to fellow painter George Coates and was an active participant in the Suffrage movement in ...
Baily, Daisy A., b. 1872
Commercial artist and North Shore resident who exhibited a range of card designs, both competitively and for sale, at the Exhibition of Women's Work in ...
Eassie, Walter, b. 1872
Early 20th century Sydney cartoonist and poster designer. He died in 1919 and his obituary in 'Home' called him "a most likeable man and competent ...
Binney, Muriel Mary Sutherland, b. 1873
A painter, etcher and designer who exhibited both in Australia and abroad and who is thought to have lessons from Dattilo Rubbo. Binney was also ...
Tayler, Lawrence B., b. 1873
Early 20th century Melbourne painter, cartoonist and illustrator.
Dunstan, George, b. 1876
Early to mid 20th century political cartoonist and signwriter.
Stanway-Tapp, Percy, b. 1876
Percy Stanway-Tapp was born in 1876. He was a graphic designer and art director at West Australian Newspapers who trained many young graphic artists. He ...
Proctor, Thea, b. 1879
A well known and well loved Australian artist, Thea Proctor was prolific both as an artist and designer. A prominent figure in the art scene ...
Dillon, Cyril, b. 1880
Mid 20th century commercial artist and cartoonist.
Mockridge, A. T., b. 1882
Early 20th century Melbourne commercial artist and portraitist who supposedly did the original drawing of 'Pelaco Bill'
Perugini, Edward, b. 1882
Perugini arrived in Australia ca.1906 with training at the South Kensington School of Art. He worked in advertising in Victoria and was active in design ...
Scorfield, Edward Scafe, b. 1882
Mid 20th century Sydney Bulletin cartoonist, poster designer and etcher. Before migrating to Australia in 1925 Scorfield played rugby for England and served in the ...