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Boyne, John, b. 1750
Late 18th century London cartoonist who published cartoons about the imminent departure of the First Fleet to Sydney in 1786.
Read, Richard Daniel, b. 1765
Richard Read (senior) was sentenced to fourteen years' transportation for possession of forged notes and arrived in Sydney on the Earl Spencer on 9 October ...
Duterrau, Benjamin, b. 1767
Duterrau arrived in Australia when he was 65. Already an established artist, he produced many Australian 'firsts' including 'The Conciliation' - the first history painting ...
Havell, Robert, b. 1769
Presumably of the well-known Reading family of artists and engravers, one of the 14 children of a drawing-master and the brother of William Havell.
Doyle, Andrew, b. 1774
Andrew Doyle was a botanical artist, engraver, printer and farmer. He was convicted of having in his possession paper carrying the watermark of the Bank ...
Lycett, Joseph, b. 1775
Joseph Lycett was a painter. In 1811 he was convicted of forgery and transported to New South Wales for 14 years. Despite being called a ...
Preston, Walter, b. 1777
Walter Preston was engraver and convict. In 1811 he was sentenced to death for highway robbery at the Middlesex Assizes, London but was transported to ...
Lesueur, Charles-Alexandre, b. 1778
Natural history artist. Leseur travelled to Australia with a French expedition at the beginning of the nineteenth century, his drawings and etchings of local flora ...
Freycinet, Louis-Claude de Saulces de, b. 1779
French draughtsman, cartographic surveyor and naturalist, Freycinet's atlases document many Australian subjects including early architectural drawings of Sydney Barracks.
Westall, William, b. 1781
William Westall was the appointed landscape artist on Matthew Flinders' 1801 "Investigator" expedition which was the first maritime circumnavigation of Australia.
Clayton, Samuel, b. 1783
Portraitist, engraver, art teacher and silversmith born in Ireland. Transported to NSW, reputedly for forgery, he prospered in the colony.
Oxley, John Joseph William Molesworth, b. 1785
Sketcher, engraver (?), surveyor and explorer. Oxley's 'Journals of Two Expeditions into the Interior of New South Wales' (London 1820) are the first published descriptions ...
Taylor, James, b. 1785
Military officer, James Taylor, arrived in Sydney in 1817 with the 48th Foot Regiment aboard the Matilda. Taylor produced a number of paintings and prints ...
Ross, James, b. 1786
James Ross was an engraver, teacher, editor and printer. He was appointed joint government printer and editor of the Hobart Town Gazette in June 1825. ...
Chapman, Thomas Evans, b. 1789
Painter, art teacher, lithographer and public servant in Hobart, Tasmania. Chapman was not only one of early Tasmania's most prolific, competent and detailed sketchers but ...
Swainson, William, b. 1789
Natural history artist, illustrator, lithographer, naturalist and commissary. McMillan considers that 'His botanical work is unimportant; his claim to remembrance rests upon his zoological work ...
Bock, Thomas, b. 1790
A first-class engraver and photographer, Thomas Bock was transported to Van Dieman's Land for assisting in an abortion. He stayed on in Australia after his ...
Chapman, John, b. 1792
Made a hand-coloured engraving, 'An Exact Portrait of a Savage of Botany Bay'.
Cruikshank, George, b. 1792
19th century English cartoonist who drew several cartoons with colonial Australian themes.
Dunlop, James, b. 1793
Nineteenth-century astronomer, a poet and a collector of geological, anthropological and natural history specimens. Dunlop clearly had some sketching ability.