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Sullivan, Pat, b. 1887
Successful and influential Sydney born American cartoonist and animator, creator (or, with Otto Messmer, co-creator) of Felix the cat.
Miller, Sydney Leon, b. 1901
Mid 20th century Sydney and Melbourne cartoonist, animator and caricaturist. Creator of logo/comic strip character Chesty Bond
Aikin, Hamilton, b. 1904
English male photographer, film-maker, editor and Presbyterian priest who went outback for Outreach, a Church journal, documenting indigenous cultures and mission activity.
Collings, Geoffrey, b. 1905
Mid 20th century photographer, designer, graphic artist, film-maker, cartoonist and illustrator, in collaboration with his wife Dahl Collings.
Constable, William Henry Archibald, b. 1906
Australian film and stage designer, painter, cartoonist, printmaker, illustrator and commercial designer. Worked in Australia and UK.
Cowdroy, Victoria Ethel, b. 1908
Mid 20th century artist and cartoonist.
MacIntyre, Elisabeth, b. 1916
Female children's book author whose poster-like illustrations of life in Australia made her popular in many countries. She also worked in television and as a ...
Bennier, Frank, b. 1919
Popular mid 20th century Adelaide, Sydney and London newspaper cartoonist and painter. Benier's first cartoon appeared in the Adelaide Express & Journal in September 1934 ...
Mitchell, Norman, b. 1920
Mid 20th century Sydney and Adelaide cartoonist and animator. Having won art competitions at school and at local Shows as a child, Mitchell joined Smith's ...
Dutkiewicz, Ludwik, b. 1921
Ludwik Dutkiewicz was one of several of South Australia's most progressive artists of the post-war era, arriving in Adelaide as an expressionist painter but soon ...
Wedd, Montague Thomas Archibald, b. 1921
Wedd was a Sydney cartoonist, designer and comic book artist who worked on the nation's earliest animated film "Marco Polo vs the Red Dragon". He ...
Donald, Margot, b. 1923
A talented photographer and designer, Margot Donald worked in various commercial studios in Sydney and later in London. She produced sets, backgrounds and photo-murals, as ...
McLaren, William George, b. 1923
Mid 20th century Melbourne cartoonist, animator and potter.
Marek, Dusan, b. 1926
Painter, film maker and radical Surrealist. Came to Australia as a political refugee in 1948 and through his teaching as well as his art, had ...
Petty, Bruce Leslie, b. 1929
Popular and prolific Melbourne, London and Sydney based newspaper cartoonist, film-maker, animator, sculptor and etcher
Jolliffe, Anne, b. 1933
Contemporary animator, Jolliffe created the half-hour animated film of Nick Enright's 'Maitland and Morpeth String Quartet' using Victoria Roberts's drawings.
Perry, Dave, b. 1933
Dave Perry travelled to London in the 1960s where he made experimental films. Later worked in Queensland, experimenting with film at Griffith University.
Cullen, Fred, b. 1934
Mid 20th century cartoonist, actor and scriptwriter.