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Cook, Elizabeth, b. 1741
Embroiderer. Elizabeth Cook is best known to history as the wife of the renowned navigator-explorer Captain James Cook. Despite never joining her husband on his ...
Biffin, , b. 1748
Early nineteenth century artist Biffin, who might otherwise be known by the names Biffion or Beffen.
Bowman, Mary, b. 1796
Painter Mary Bowman is best known for the silk flag she painted in 1806 to celebrate Nelson's victory at Trafalgar. Now held in the Mitchell ...
image of Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass was Melbourne-based water proof garment manufacturer amalgamated with Dunlop Perdriau Rubber Company in 1929.
Bussell, Mary Yates, b. 1805
Western Australian embroiderer whose pattern books held by the Royal Western Australian Historical Society indicate that she was expert at Ayrshire (Scottish Flowering) white work.
Molloy, Georgiana, b. 1805
Georgiana Molloy was born in 1805. She thought herself the first person to make a flower garden in the Western Australia. Molloy also designed patterns ...
Burbury, Thomas, b. 1809
Sentenced to death in 1832 for participating in a protest against automated looms creating unemployment for weavers such as himself, Burbury was sentenced to death ...
Russ, Clementina, b. 1814
Embroiderer, a framed embroidered wool picture of hers, circa 1871, is in Russ Cottage, Dongara, West Australia.
Gawler, Julia, b. 1824
At 14, Julia sketched a view of South Australia after her arrival in Australia in 1838.
Withers, Anastasia, b. 1825
seamstress, she sewed the Southern Cross flag which flew over the Eureka Stockade throughout the famous battle. The flag was made with the help of ...
Kennedy, Christina, b. 1827
Christina Kennedy lived and worked in South Australia where she and her family were all involved in craft production. Her 'Tripod Table' (c.1880), made of ...
Staff, Eliza, b. 1831
An accomplished young colonial woman, made use of her talents in practical ways during her very short life.
Layman, Harriet, b. 1835
Lacemaker who moved to Hawaii before 1903.
Baird, Kennedy Mackintosh, b. 1838
An amateur artist, Kennedy Baird produced both textile and watercolour works.
Broadhurst, Eliza, b. 1839
Eliza Broadhurst was born in 1839. She was an embroiderer. Broadhurst's grandfather was the Earl of Inchiquin. Christening gown dating from around 1860s made by ...
Gorringe, Mary Ann, b. 1839
19th Century embroiderer.
Hannaford, Mary Jane, b. 1840
Quilter and embroiderer, Hannaford began making quilts in 1920, when she was 80 years old. There are seven known quilts initialled 'M.J.H.', all found in ...
Passmore, Henry, b. 1840
Amateur furniture maker, woodcarver and embroiderer who exhibited internationally.
Field, Margaret Ann, b. 1842
A painter and embroiderer who dedicated much of her life to the development of a new form of crocheted lace. An amateur astronomer, she wrote ...