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Bunbury, Margaret Richardson, b. 1795
Lady Bunbury brought with her from Ireland a noted passion for such gentle pursuits as embroidery, sketching, specimen collecting and visiting. Her residence, Charterhouse at ...
Richardson-Bunbury, Margaret, b. 1795
Lady Margaret Richardson-Bunbury was born in 1795. She was an embroiderer and garden designer. Lady Richardson-Bunbury formed the first Western Australian branch of the British ...
Carter, John, b. 1821
John Carter was a Master Designer of Printing and Weaving in Crayford, Kent,England before migrating in 1861 to Victoria Australia. He moved to Dunedin, New ...
Dewis, Josiah, b. 1825
Josiah Dewis was born in 1825. He was a weaver who arrived on the 'Mary Harrison' in 1862 as did David Bird another weaver.
Bird, David, b. 1838
Weaver who arrived in Western Australia from England in 1862.
Manning, Emily Armit, b. 1853
Emily Armit Manning was born in 1853. She was taught embroidery by the nuns at St Joseph's Convent Fremantle.
Rowbotham, Walter, b. 1878
Painter and teacher, won the Royal College of Art Scholarship and the Royal College of Art Travelling Scholarship. Rowbotham exhibited with West Australian Society of ...
Richardson, Maude Rose, b. 1879
Maude Rose Richardson was born in 1879. With her friends Alma Pericles and Mrs W. E. Stephenson, she formed the West Australian Women Painters and ...
Booth, Jessica, b. 1885
A painter and acclaimed weaver, Jessica Booth was a member of the NSW Society of Arts and Crafts for over four decades. In the late ...
Ridley, Marjorie Alice, b. 1897
Painter and basket-weaver. Charles Hamilton wrote of her 1939 exhibition work, "A most interesting exhibit of articles made from Guildford grass by Miss M. A ...
Fimister, Jeanne, b. 1900
Jeanne Fimister exhibited weaving with the Western Australian Women's Society of Fine Arts and Craft in 1950.
Rolland, Norma Maria, b. 1906
Embroiderer and weaver, Rolland set up a studio in Western Australian where she wove tweeds, lampshades, bright-coloured woollen knee-rugs, vividly coloured linen tablemats, guest towels ...
Carter, Thelma, b. 1910
Thelma Carter (1910-1995) was a Gurnai fibre artist who lived in east Gippsland, Victoria.
Hudson, Helen Leslie, b. 1915
Amateur artist who worked in oils, watercolour, charcoal and pencil. Based at "The Studio", Harkaway, VIC - formerly the Studio of Jessie Traill
Hart, Connie, b. 1917
Highly regarded Gunditjmara basket weaver and community elder who began weaving in her 60s and facilitated the regeneration of localised Victorian Indigenous weaving practices. Self-taught ...
Rosenstengel, Paula, b. 1920
Paula Rosenstengel had an artistic upbringing but her production of works on paper did not extend much beyond the 1940s, however, she experimented with weaving ...
Gabori, Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally, b. 1924
As with other Kaiadilt women, Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori wove grass nets and carved coolamons for many years before she began to paint. Her first ...
Grafton, Margaret, b. 1930
English born, Sydney resident artist known for metal weaving
Marfura, Patsy, b. 1932
Indigenous artist Patsy Marfura is a Ngangiwumerri speaker who lives at Peppimenarti and works through Durrmu Arts, the Peppimenarti Community art program.