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McArthur, M., b. 1822
McArthur was a sketcher, and is only known for a slight sketch of Mount Kosciuszko, said to have been done in about 1840. The artist ...
Bradbury, T. W., b. 1855
T.W. Bradbury was a decorator whose ornamental panel was shown at the Colonial and Indian Exhibition in London in 1886.
Brewer, H. B., b. 1860
Artist who exhibited in Sydney in 1886
Johnson, W., b. 1862
An art student and draper. In 1887 Johnson was among the students in the art class of the Technical College, Sydney who exhibited their work ...
Cocks, W., b. 1866
Exhibited in the Modelling Class of the Adelaide Jubilee International Exhibition of 1887.
Rolland, H. M., b. 1882
H. M. Rolland made a watercolour 'View Looking North-West from Klensendorlffe's Farm' in 1913.
Downing, Brownie, b. 1924
Illustrator, drew sentimental Aboriginal figures as illustrations in children's books.
Liu, Gennady, b. 1939
Late 20th century artist