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Biffin, , b. 1748
Early nineteenth century artist Biffin, who might otherwise be known by the names Biffion or Beffen.
Bowen, John, b. 1780
An unsigned watercolour with a vague attribution to John Bowen is now thought to be have executed by a different artist. The work, a view ...
Macarthur, William, b. 1800
Member of the famous colonial Macarthur family who may have been an amateur photographer. William was involved in numerous organisations and participated in several international ...
Bunbury, Henry William St Pierre, b. 1812
A caricature in his diary of Governor Bourke saw Bunbury demoted from his position as his aide-de-camp. He later volunteered for service in Western Australia, ...
Burr, Thomas, b. 1814
District surveyor at Ballarat at the time of the Eureka riot.
King, Philip Gidley, b. 1817
Philip Gidley King became friends with Charles Darwin and his illustrations were used in an edition of the Naturalist's Voyage.
Burnard, Robert, b. 1825
He apparently inherited both the Plympton house-painting business and the painting and exhibiting of still-life easel paintings on his father's death.
Owen, , b. 1850
Late nineteenth century scene-painter who with Alfred Clint, provided the scenery for 'The Merry Wives of Windsor', which opened at the Theatre Royal in Melbourne ...
Bradley, Luther, b. 1853
Late colonial-era American cartoonist and illustrator who spent a decade working in Melbourne. From 1888-1893 he was the principle artist at Melbourne Punch after the ...
Paterson, Andrew Barton, b. 1864
Famous Federation period journalist, author and balladist, is believed (not confirmed) to have supplied sketches as well as reports of the Boer War
Booth, Leonard H., b. 1879
Influential early 20th New Zealand painter, art teacher, psychotherapist, cartoonist and illustrator, Booth contributed cartoons (from New Zealand) to the Bulletin and other Sydney publications. ...
Stewart, Eric, b. 1903
Stewart's paintings were discovered by the artist Clifton Pugh in a junk shop in Echuca, Victoria in 1970 and he was subsequently recognised as a ...
Garmonsway, Alex, b. 1913
Mid 20th century New Zealand cartoonist, sketcher, children's book illustrator and bookplate designer who worked in Australia before the Second World War.