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Murray, Mary, b. 1817
A sketcher, Mary Murray arrived in Sydney in 1834, the daughter of Colonel Gibbes who designed Kirribilli's Wotonga House, which now forms part of Admiralty ...
Campbell, Marrianne Collinson, b. 1827
Painter, decorative artist and amateur architect in Duntroon, Canberra. Painted meticulously executed botanical paintings and was known for her medical dispensary.
Soares, Alberto Dias, b. 1830
Arriving with his brother Gualter in 1852 with a wildcat idea for a railway system which was subsequently turned down by the Sydney Rail Company, ...
Johnson, William Elliott, b. 1862
Federation-era amateur topographical artist, lithographer and Federal politician. Johnson assisted his father as a scenic artist at Covent Garden in London before migrating to Australia.
Baker, Christina Asquith, b. 1869
Portrait and figure painter who studied in Paris and in Melbourne at the National Gallery School under Frederick McCubbin. Baker was still exhibiting at the ...
Pryor, Oswald, b. 1881
Mid 20th century Moonta and Adelaide cartoonist. Pryor's last cartoon was published when he was 85.
Mildenhall, William James, b. 1891
Known as a photographer, Mildenhall worked as the Federal Capital Commission's information officer. His photographic work encompasses a variety of subjects ranging from architecture to ...
Hall, Keith Aitken, b. 1896
Early 20th century Bulletin cartoonist and career soldier.His work is held at the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales, Sydney, NSW.
Evatt, Mary Alice, b. 1898
Artist, social activist, art collector and Trustee of the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Evatt's best known work was an oil painting entitled 'Footballers' ...
Trompf, Percy, b. 1902
Designer of many colour lithographic posters between the 1930s and the 1950s, commissioned by the Australian National Travel Association, Victorian Railways, Queensland Government Tourist Bureau, ...
Sutherland, Heather, b. 1903
Heather Sutherland worked as an architect in Canberra.
Molnar, George, b. 1910
Molnar was an architect, cartoonist, watercolourist, illustrator and architecture lecturer at Sydney University and the University of NSW. His lecturers were highly praised by students. ...
Gilliland, Hector, b. 1911
Influenced by C├ęzanne, his early watercolours and oils recorded sites around Bathurst, Canberra, Richmond and the pastoral outreaches of Sydney.
Zusters, Reinis, b. 1918
Reinis Zusters OAM was born in Odessa, Ukraine, on 15 October 1918; arrived in Australia in 1950 and died in Wentworth Falls, NSW, 8 October ...
Robinson, Arthur J., b. 1921
Robinson trained as a graphic designer at East Sydney Technical College and from his studio in Sydney, later in Canberra, he worked for a diverse ...
Inson, Graeme Charles, b. 1923
Holding 60 solo exhibitions in his lifetime, Inson divided his time between teaching and travelling around Australia and overseas to paint foreign landscapes.
Swain, David, b. 1923
Late 20th century English born Sydney and Canberra cartoonist, Swain was also a teacher and writer of satiric verses.
Dixon, Garth, b. 1924
Dixon was a National Art School trained artist and designer. He had a teaching career in Bathurst NSW, later Goulburn NSW. He worked across a ...
Wrigley, Derek, b. 1924
Wrigley practiced architecture in the UK and Australia. Formerly employed as a lecturer Manchester College of Art, UK, lecturer at NSW University of Technology (now ...