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Tyers, Charles James, b. 1806
Architectural draughtsman, main body of work contained in sketchbook 1837-39, containing typical surveyor-draughtsman style views of the coast and landscapes of Victoria.
Pelham, Lionel James, b. 1808
Lionel James Pelham was a sketcher and public servant. He was born in Kent in 1808. In 1875 he died at sea, near Darwin, in ...
Sweet, Samuel White, b. 1825
Colonial photographer and master mariner, awarded a silver medal for his photographs at the Calcutta International Exhibition in 1885. His photographic career included some unusual ...
Panton, Joseph Anderson, b. 1831
Joseph Anderson Panton was a painter, etcher and police magistrate. He mapped the Yarra Valley while he was magistrate at Heidelberg. Panton Hill is named ...
Stockdale, Harry, b. 1841
Harry Stockdale was sketcher, collector, explorer and horseman who also contributed articles on Aborigines and other subjects to various periodicals in the late 1800s.
Pink, Olive Muriel, b. 1884
Pink was an artist with training at the Hobart Technical College and the Julian Ashton School, Sydney. Working from a base in the Northern Territory, ...
Fairweather, Ian, b. 1891
The Scottish born artist Ian Fairweather travelled extensively throughout South East Asia and China before finally building a thatched hut on Bribie Island off the ...
Battarbee, Rex, b. 1893
An early advocate of indigenous art, Rex Battarbee represented Arrernte artists in his Alice Springs home, which he later turned into the Tmara-Mara Gallery.
Fitzer, Eileen, b. 1902
Embroiderer and longtime Northern Territory resident, she embroidered signature cloths at Pine Creek in the early part of the 20th century and was represented at ...
Murch, Arthur James, b. 1902
Painter and sculptor, assistant to George Lambert, and in World War II the War artist who captured images of the bombed city of Darwin. Later ...
Abadjura, , b. 1904
Bark paintings and carvings by Abadjura were collected by the Art Gallery of Western Australia in the 1960s.
Aikin, Hamilton, b. 1904
English male photographer, film-maker, editor and Presbyterian priest who went outback for Outreach, a Church journal, documenting indigenous cultures and mission activity.
Jungarrayi, Jimija, b. 1908
Warlpiri artist Jungarrayi was one of the senior men who initiated the painting movement in Yuendumu in the mid 1980s. His work, including an early ...
Bryans, Lina, b. 1909
A somewhat peripatetic artist whose wanderlust took her to Europe, America and Central Australia, Lina Bryans was noted for her landscapes and her abstract modernism.
Kngwarreye, Emily Kame, b. 1910
One of the best known desert artists and a senior woman in Utopia (NT), Kngwarreye's work is distinctive for its expressive abstract style. The recipient ...
Mick, Wallankarri Tjakamarra, b. 1910
One of the founders and most important artists painting for Papunya Tula over its first two decades because of his ritual authority and encyclopedic knowledge ...
Ross, Darby Jampijinpa, b. 1910
Darby Ross was a senior and highly respected figure in Warlpiri ceremonial life and one of the grand old men of Yuendumu painting. He was ...
Tjampitjinpa, Walter, b. 1910
An elder statesman of the Pintupi community in Papunya and an influential figure at the very beginning of the painting movement.