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Grove, James, b. 1769
James Grove was a sketcher, engraver, carver and silversmith. He is credited with having made the earliest existing example of Australian silver, a small castor ...
Harris, George, b. 1775
Sketcher and surveyor, he was one of the first settlers of both Port Phillip, Victoria and Hobart Town, Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania). He made surveys, ...
Purkis, James, b. 1783
Purkis was primarily a merchant but he worked in the arts as a scene-painter. In 1839 he painted the scenery for 'Love la Militaire', said ...
Bowerman, Henry Boucher, b. 1789
A sketcher, civil servant and land speculator, Bowman studied under the well-known painter Thomas Sandby while at the British Military Academy at Woolwich. Arriving in ...
Fyans, Foster, b. 1790
Although known more for his eccentricities and lively memoirs than his art, Fyans was a sophisticated watercolourist. He is known for a fine picture of ...
Thomas, William, b. 1791
A sketcher who during the 1840s worked as a protector of Aborigines, who form the subject of his work.
Furlong, William, b. 1793
Artist who resided in Victoria.
Gilfillan, John, b. 1793
After a tumultuous childhood running away to sea, being shipwrecked and press ganged for 8 years, Gilfillan studied art and made it his career. He ...
Wedge, John Helder, b. 1793
Sketcher and surveyor. During his survey Wedge made many sketches of the countryside and the Aboriginal people, some of which were later reproduced in James ...
Backhouse, James, b. 1794
Only in Australia for six years, Backhouse kept extensive records of his experiences, which were then posthumously published in London. His observations have proven to ...
Hoddle, Robert, b. 1794
Sketcher and surveyor, was born in London and arrived in Australia in 1823. In 1851 Hoddle was appointed Victoria's first surveyor-general.
Taylor, James Edward, b. 1794
Painter, farmer and once a toll-gate keeper, James Edward Taylor migrated with family in 1849 from Plymouth, England, and arrived in South Australia. Lived chiefly ...
Read, Richard Daniel, b. 1796
Richard Read junior was a miniature, portrait and historical painter. Although by no means the only portrait painter in the colony, Read's career was one ...
Rowe, George, b. 1796
George Rowe was one of the most prolific topographical printmakers in England.
Gill, John, b. 1797
Colonial era Victorian architect and attributed cartoonist.
Kentish, Nathaniel Lipscomb, b. 1797
The self-styled 'Amateur Poet Laureate' of Victoria, Kentish owned and published the 'Sydney Times' from 1834-1838 which doubtless featured his own poems, drawings and engravings. ...
Liardet, Wilbraham Frederick Evelyn, b. 1799
A nineteenth-century watercolourist, he first turned to painting as a way out of debt. He subsequently painted historical views of Melbourne.
Rishworth, Richard, b. 1799
Richard Rishworth, listed in the Ballarat Directory in 1857 as artist and decorator, lived at Bakery Hill, Ballarat East, Victoria. He was also Secretary for ...
Thomson, Gordon Augustus, b. 1799
An 'idle gentleman' from Northern Ireland who made two watercolour sketches during a visit to Victoria in the late 1830s.
Henty, James, b. 1800
Sketcher, settler, merchant and banker, Henty's artistic activity was confined to amateur sketching, done mainly during his time in Western Australia.