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Meares, Richard Goldsmith, b. 1780
Sketcher, mural painter, army officer and settler at the Swan River Colony (Western Australia). Captain Meares was known for his draughtsmanship and his depictions of ...
Turner, James Woodward, b. 1780
London businessman, pioneer settler and amateur wood turner who brought his own lathe when he immigrated in Western Australia.
Purkis, James, b. 1783
Purkis was primarily a merchant but he worked in the arts as a scene-painter. In 1839 he painted the scenery for 'Love la Militaire', said ...
Reveley, Henry Willey, b. 1788
English born Henry Willey Reveley, sketcher, architect and civil engineer, was responsible for the design and supervision of public works at Fremantle, Perth and outlying ...
Pratt, Charles, b. 1791
Amateur wood turner who migrated to the Swan River Colony.
Backhouse, James, b. 1794
Only in Australia for six years, Backhouse kept extensive records of his experiences, which were then posthumously published in London. His observations have proven to ...
Currie, Jane Eliza, b. 1794
Miniature and watercolour painter, born in England, UK. Resident of Western Australia she painted some of earliest known views taken in the area.
Shaw, Elizabeth, b. 1794
Elizabeth (Eliza) Shaw was a botanical painter and writer as well as an excellent pianist and needlewoman. She arrived with her family in Western Australia ...
Richardson-Bunbury, Margaret, b. 1795
Lady Margaret Richardson-Bunbury was born in 1795. She was an embroiderer and garden designer. Lady Richardson-Bunbury formed the first Western Australian branch of the British ...
Clint, Raphael, b. 1797
Lithographer, engraver, printer and surveyor born in England. Resident of Western Australia, Tasmania and NSW he designed and engraved the first signed armorial bookplates produced ...
Gresswell, John, b. 1798
Goldsmith and orchardist who was born in England who lived and worked in Perth in mid 1800s.
Boultbee, John, b. 1799
Leading a peripatetic life, John Boultbee frequented a number of British 19th century outposts throughout his travels, including Australia and kept a journal of his ...
Henty, James, b. 1800
Sketcher, settler, merchant and banker, Henty's artistic activity was confined to amateur sketching, done mainly during his time in Western Australia.
Neill, Robert, b. 1801
A public servant, Neill lived alternatively in Hobart and Western Australia, according to his work commitments. He was also an artist who painted a series ...
Brockman, William Locke, b. 1802
A sketcher, pastoralist and politician, Brockman settled in the Upper Swan region with his wife and nine children.
Bussell, John Garrett, b. 1803
painter(?), pastoralist and magistrate, a brother or son of Fanny Bussell (probably the former) settled in Western Australia with her family in 1830.
Bussell, Mary Yates, b. 1805
Western Australian embroiderer whose pattern books held by the Royal Western Australian Historical Society indicate that she was expert at Ayrshire (Scottish Flowering) white work.
FitzRoy, Robert, b. 1805
A sketcher, FitzRoy served as a naval officer on the Beagle with Charles Darwin and was later influenced by the work of official expedition artist, ...
Molloy, Georgiana, b. 1805
Georgiana Molloy was born in 1805. She thought herself the first person to make a flower garden in the Western Australia. Molloy also designed patterns ...
Habgood, William, b. 1806
Watercolourist and merchant, came to the Swan River Colony, WA from London in 1830. His only known painting was painted in 1842 and shows an ...