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image of Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass was Melbourne-based water proof garment manufacturer amalgamated with Dunlop Perdriau Rubber Company in 1929.
Sands & McDougall
Sands & McDougall was a large printing firm in 19th century Sydney. The firm employed artists to design invitations and illuminations.
Margaret Maria Jane and Isabelle Thacker
Four sisters, all sketchers and flower painters, of whom Margaret and Maria were the most prolific. Other works include views of Sydney and Newcastle.
C. and J. Trood
Professional photographers inadvertently associated with the legal battle and commercial rivalry between Antoine Fran├žois Jean Claudet and Richard Beard over the patent for daguerreotypes. The ...
E. & R. Quarrill
Commercial printers in Sydney and Melbourne, specialising in prints of Australian urban and regional landscapes.
Lapham, Frances and Lapham Henry
One of these, it is uncertain which, painted some small, naive watercolours in an album of poems compiled by Frances Lapham.
Ferguson & Urie
Colonial Victorian Stained Glass craftsmen 'Ferguson & Urie' 1853 - 1899. Also see:
Nineteenth-century watercolourists, husband and wife, of whom little is known. Many of their works are landscapes.
image of Bendigo Pottery
Bendigo Pottery
Bendigo Pottery is a ceramics association established by George Guthrie in 1857 in Bendigo, Victoria.
Isaac Morris and Moses Moss
Family members and professional photographers, all three worked in George Street, Sydney, at various times from 1865. One of their more unusual commissions was to ...
McDonald and Sons
'McDonald and Sons,' monumental masons, advertised in 1901 that the firm had commenced business in 1862.
Joseph Charles and Thomas Milligan
Professional photographers, operated the London Portrait Saloon, also known as Milligan Brothers photography business in Sydney, specialising in cartes-de-visite, portraits and miniature photographs which they ...
Metcalf and Glaister
Although the photographic firm of Metcalf and Glaister had only a short life it was productive as tjheir work is widely distributed.
Campbell & Harrison
Believed to be a photography firm, listed in Sands Directory of 1878.
Arnall & Jackson
Known only as Arnall & Jackson, they exhibited at the Melbourne International Exhibition in 1880 and the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition in 1888-89.
Caney & Co.
Photographers worked in New South Wales and South Africa.
image of Charlemont & Co.
Charlemont & Co.
Photographers from Sydney. Charlemont & Co. exhibited at the Centennial International Exhibition in Melbourne in 1888.