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Macquarie, Elizabeth Henrietta, b. 1778
Colonial first lady: female designer of gardens and architecture whose paintings and sketches influenced major works in the fledgling colony of New South Wales. She ...
Richardson-Bunbury, Margaret, b. 1795
Lady Margaret Richardson-Bunbury was born in 1795. She was an embroiderer and garden designer. Lady Richardson-Bunbury formed the first Western Australian branch of the British ...
Darling, Elizabeth, b. 1798
Wife of the Governor New South Wales 1825/1831 Major-General Ralph Darling. She made watercolours and drawings as well as designs for public buildings.
image of Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass
Barnet Glass was Melbourne-based water proof garment manufacturer amalgamated with Dunlop Perdriau Rubber Company in 1929.
Sands & McDougall
Sands & McDougall was a large printing firm in 19th century Sydney. The firm employed artists to design invitations and illuminations.
Bussell, Mary Yates, b. 1805
Western Australian embroiderer whose pattern books held by the Royal Western Australian Historical Society indicate that she was expert at Ayrshire (Scottish Flowering) white work.
Molloy, Georgiana, b. 1805
Georgiana Molloy was born in 1805. She thought herself the first person to make a flower garden in the Western Australia. Molloy also designed patterns ...
Lazenby, George, b. 1807
Cabinetmaker, master builder, lay preacher and civil servant. He was born in 1807. A man with a social conscience Lazenby was Chairman of the Swan ...
McLarty, John, b. 1812
Farmer and furniture maker John McLarty specialized in bridge building but also made family furniture.
Baines, James Alex, b. 1814
Baines was a cabinetmaker who arrived in 1840 on the Island Queen from London.
Russ, Clementina, b. 1814
Embroiderer, a framed embroidered wool picture of hers, circa 1871, is in Russ Cottage, Dongara, West Australia.
Allerding, Frederick, b. 1815
Allerding was a jeweller and amateur photographer known to be in Sydney, NSW in 1872.
Meek, James McKain Archibald Job, b. 1815
Sketcher, penman and designer, Meek produced what are thought to be the earliest drawings made on the Ballarat goldfields. He was also well known for ...
Bateman, Edward La Trobe, b. 1816
Although seeking his fortune in the Victorian goldfields, Edward La Trobe Bateman instead drifted into work as an illustrator and landscape designer. One of his ...
Benjamin, David, b. 1817
Cabinetmaker who arrived in Australia in 1840.
Qwist, Christian Ludwig, b. 1818
Photographer and goldsmith of Danish heritage. A resident of Bendigo and in later years Sydney, mainly noted for his design and craftsmanship of commissioned commemorative ...
Sands, John, b. 1818
Sands was a printer, engraver and stationer. "He printed and published a wide variety of publications, but especially notable were his directories, almanacs, gazetteers and ...
Carter, John, b. 1821
John Carter was a Master Designer of Printing and Weaving in Crayford, Kent,England before migrating in 1861 to Victoria Australia. He moved to Dunedin, New ...