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Young, Blamire, b. 1862
Originally a mathematics teacher, the English born Blamire Young established himself as an illustrator, painter, designer, writer and art critic. An article in 'Art and ...

by Abbott, John.


Tristram, John William, b. 1870
Self-taught English-born painter who arrived in Sydney as a child in 1883. He was a resident of Mosman for most of his life and was ...
Hilder, Jesse Jewhurst, b. 1881
Hilder's delicate, sensitive landscape watercolours were enthusiastically received when they were first exhibited in the early years of the century. This was in part because ...
Albury, Winn, b. 1896
Twentieth century female watercolourist who worked as a commercial in Sydney and Sacremento, California. Work found amongst her estate included a number of designs for ...
Gordon, Dorothy Helen, b. 1907
Brisbane-based painter active during the 1940s who produced still life scenes and watercolour sketches of south-east Queensland locations.
Australian Watercolour Institute
The Australian Watercolour Institute is Australia’s oldest & most prestigious watercolour society with national & international membership. Six artists: B.E.Minns,A.J.Daplyn,C.E.S.Tindall, M. Stainforth,J.A.Bennett & A.H.Fullwood, were ...
Baily, John, b. 1927
John Baily was Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia during the Dunstan years. Nationally he endeared himself to artists and curators for his ...
Caldwell, John, b. 1942
John Caldwell is one of Australia's master landscape artists, with more than forty solo exhibitions, twice selected for the AGNSW Wynne prize, & receiving numerous ...
White Camellias

by Lightly (nee Allen), Mavis Elizabeth.

Watercolour on paper, 23 x 31 cm

watercolour on paper


by O'Neill, May.

Early watercolour of buildings on Lake Joondalup in Perth held in the Fairview Art collection."Your text to link here...(Fairview Art Collection)":

Ivor Hunt: watercolours and drawings 1945-1970

by Hunt, Ivor.

The artist was for many years head of the art department at Perth Technical college and was well known to many Australians. Source: Solo Survey ...


by Sollier, Andre.

Exhibition opened 26 April 1980.

Portraits: watercolours by Christine Hiller, photo-prints by Jim Marwood

by Hiller, Christine, Marwood, James "Jim".

Fine Art Committee, University of Tasmania. A group of photo-prints about people who grew with hard work and hard times, and who have lived with ...

Colour and transparency: watercolours by Lesley Dumbrell, Robert Jacks and Victor Majzner

by Dumbrell, Lesley, Dumbrell, Lesley, Jacks, Robert, Majzner, Victor.

Dumbrell, Jacks and Majzner have produced 20 works each in this medium for this exhibition. Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, ...

Banksia project: watercolours by Celia Rosser

by Rosser, Celia.

Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS National Library of Australia catalogue; Exhibition Catalogue: The banksias / Celia E Rosser and ...

Dream why pretend: works by Barbara Hanrahan 1967-1989

by Hanrahan, Barbara, Wallace, Miranda.

Organised by the University Art Museum, QLD and toured South Australia and other states. Group of 24 works never before exhibited. Source: Solo Survey Exhibition ...

Sleeper: watercolours from the museum of contemporary silence

by Carchesio, Eugene, Grayson, Richard.

Eugene Carchesio's exhibition was marked by a certain quiet optimism... restrained but most definitely there. The exhibition consisted of watercolours variously positioned in the space ...

Juice: Christopher Dean, David Rosetzky, Jane Trengove

by Dean, Christine, Dean, Christine, Rosetsky, David, Rosetzky, David, Trengove, Jane, Tunnicliffe, Wayne.

Source: Solo Survey Exhibition Linkage Project, Tasmanian School of Art, UTAS AGNSW Library catalogue Exhibition Catalogue: Juice: Christopher Dean, David Rosetzky, Jane Trengove. [Sydney]: Art ...