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A draughtsman and naval officer with La PĂ©rouse, several of Blondela's drawings appeared in Atlas, though none were featured Australian subjects. It is thought that ...
Butler, Daniel, b. 1772
Daniel Butler was aboard the First Fleet vessel, Prince of Wales, as a young 15-year old seaman.
Doyle, Andrew, b. 1774
Andrew Doyle was a botanical artist, engraver, printer and farmer. He was convicted of having in his possession paper carrying the watermark of the Bank ...
Bauza, Felipe, b. 1764
As part of the Spanish navy, Felipe Bauza sailed to New South Wales in 1793 to observe the British settlements. He made several sketches during ...
Fowkes, Francis, b.
A convict artist transported on the First Fleet, Fowkes is a candidate for identification as the 'Port Jackson Painter' and is best remembered for his ...
Brewer, Henry, b. 1743
A sketcher and architect who arrived with the First Fleet. Nothing is known that is undoubtedly from Brewer's hand.
The Death of Captain J. Cook

by Webber, John.

Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales

Cleveley, James
Ship's carpenter and possible sketcher. It is believed his 'work' was fabricated by his brother John Cleveley Junior.
Boyne, John, b. 1750
Late 18th century London cartoonist who published cartoons about the imminent departure of the First Fleet to Sydney in 1786.
Hunter, John, b. 1737
Colonial NSW Governor, as well as watercolourist, sketcher, and naval officer. One of his drawings was the basis for the first published illustration of a ...
Ball, Henry Lidgbird, b. 1756
A naval officer, Ball commanded a ship in the First Fleet. He discovered and named Lord Howe Island and made an ink and watercolour work ...
Bauer, Ferdinand Lucas, b. 1760
Ferdinand Lucas Bauer never emigrated to Australia, but as part of the 1801 Flinders's expedition team, he captured some of the most detailed and beautiful ...
Marshall, John
Colonial male naval officer and cartographer whose sketches and maps were probably used to illustrate a publication about the voyage of the First Fleet.
Meenyan Art Gallery

by Sandon, Karen Valerie.

inaugural annual print works on paper show.

Fowell, Newton Digby, b. 1768
Fowell joined the Royal Navy at 12 and arrived in Australia on the First Fleet. He made sketches of birds and Aboriginal weapons, none of ...
King, Philip Gidley, b. 1758
King sailed with the First Fleet to Botany Bay in 1788. He established the settlement in Norfolk Island and later became governor of New South ...