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Sculptor. Was commissioned by Lady Brisbane to make a memorial sculpture of Commodore Brisbane for a church.
(Dance of the Aborigines)

by Weston, .

Lithograph from Thomas Braidwood Wilson's 'Narrative of a Voyage round the World', London 1835.

Duterrau, Benjamin, b. 1767
Duterrau arrived in Australia when he was 65. Already an established artist, he produced many Australian 'firsts' including 'The Conciliation' - the first history painting ...
Earle, Augustus, b. 1793
Augustus Earle travelled extensively during his lifetime, producing paintings and lithographs of his travels in the Mediterranean, North & South America, the Pacific and Atlantic ...
Edgar, Edmund, b. 1800
Edmund Edgar worked in London as a house painter and engraver before being convicted of robbery and sentenced to transportation for life. He used several ...
Dalton, Edwin
A prominent society photographer, teacher to Queen Victoria and inventor of the 'Biotype'. His talent for portraiture was such 'you could almost speak to' his ...
Darling, Elizabeth, b. 1798
Wife of the Governor New South Wales 1825/1831 Major-General Ralph Darling. She made watercolours and drawings as well as designs for public buildings.
Brambila, Fernando, b. 1763
Artist appointed to the Spanish expedition(1789/1794) under Alejandro Malaspina. He painted views of the Sydney area during their stay in 1793.
Garling, Frederick, b. 1806
Earning his living working at Customs House, Frederick Garling only had early mornings and weekends to spend on his painting yet he was regarded as ...
Barney, George, b. 1792
George Barney was an English military officer who rose through the ranks of the Royal Engineers to become one of the most regarded and pioneering ...
Bayly, George, b. 1808
George Bayly followed in the family tradition of seafaring and sailed to the far corners of the British Empire. He kept meticulous diaries, including pen-and-ink ...