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Abadjura, , b. 1904
Bark paintings and carvings by Abadjura were collected by the Art Gallery of Western Australia in the 1960s.
Allan, Ailsa, b. 1898
Australian born painter and printmaker, Allan studied with Thea Proctor and Adelaide Perry at Julian Ashton's Sydney Art School in the late 1920s. Proctor would ...
Agar, Bernice, b. 1885
Glamorous and highly accomplished photographer best known for her images of Sydney socialites and brides. Such was her skill that when she retired upon marriage ...
Bott, Alice, b. 1879
Alice Bott was a prominent member of the Arts and Crafts Movement in Queensland, a student of L.J. Harvey and a pottery instructor.
Botterill, Beryl Antonia, b. 1907
Mid 20th century cartoonist and illustrator, born in Brisbane. She moved to England as a young woman where she studied art under Stephen Spurrier at ...
Bourke, Betty
Early 20th century Bulletin cartoonist, examples of Bourke's work can be found in the Mitchell Libary, State Library of New South Wales.
Bowker, Barbara
Early 20th century magazine illustrator, Bowker worked for Home magazine in the mid 1920s.
Burleigh, Bertha Bennet
Early 20th century cartoonist. Burleigh is an anomaly in the world of cartooning, especially at the Bulletin, due to being a woman. Her last known ...
Boake, Barcroft Capel, b. 1838
Barcroft Capel Boake was one of the most well-known and successful professional photographers of the second half of the 19th century but beset by economic ...
Early 20th century Sydney illustrator.
Barker, Caroline, b. 1894
Caroline Barker had a long career in Brisbane as an artist and teacher and for many years, especially after the death of Vida Lahey, was ...
Astley, Charles, b. 1869
Charles Astley's paintings were no more than competent but his teaching of pottery and china painting at the Warwick Technical College and High School and ...
Benson, Charles
Mid 20th century Sydney newspaper and magazine cartoonist. Benson worked for over 40 years on the Sun, News and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers.
Baker, Christina Asquith, b. 1869
Portrait and figure painter who studied in Paris and in Melbourne at the National Gallery School under Frederick McCubbin. Baker was still exhibiting at the ...
Beckett, Clarice, b. 1887
Passionate about the philosophy and practice of painting and inspired by the teachings of Max Meldrum, Beckett practiced her craft at every available moment. As ...
Cobham, Barbara
Potter, studied at East Sydney Technical College in 1924.
Cole, Chassie, b. 1857
Charlotte Ann Reeve Cole (Chassie) showed an early interest in art and began entering various exhibitions, including Ballarat Juvenile Exhibition of 1878. She won medals ...
Colahan, Colin, b. 1897
Mid 20th century Melbourne meldrumite painter and a cartoonist.
Collins, Albert, b. 1883
Perhaps best known as 'Uncle Joe' from the ABC's 'Children's Hour', Collins was a painter, designer and teacher who worked at SCEGGS Redlands when Alison ...
Colquhoun, Alexander, b. 1862
Federation era Victorian painter and illustrator.