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Bunbury Biennale 2021

by Canato, Christophe, Carson, Dave, Cironis, Olga, Coss, Penny, Ferrier, Tania, Markes-Young, Elisa, Windberg, Tony, Young, Christopher.

HE | SHE | THEY is a journey into gender identity. The exhibition will explore notions of inclusion and diversity, celebrating the heterogeneity of gender ...


by Owen, Louise .

Incinerated possessions in treasured trunk, on ash 590 x 750 x 465 mm (trunk), installation dimensions variable

Conversation 1

by Llewelyn, Clare.

Found Object, Mild Steel Sculpture

Conversation 2

by Llewelyn, Clare.

Found Object, Mild Steel Sculpture

Conversation 2


Found Object, Mild Steel Sculpture

Clay Dynasty

by Greenwood, Malcolm, Panangka Rubuntja, Rona , Rontji, Carol Panangka, Wulff, Roswitha, Baker, Nyukana, Barnes, Errol, Benwell, Stephen, Bird, Stephen, Bishop, Olive, Blakebrough, Les, Boscacci, Louise, Bostock, Euphemia, Bowers, Stephen, Brennan, Angela, Brooks, Richard, Butterworth, Matt, Byrne, Penny , Campbell, Joan Ruth, Carroll, Kunmanara , Choung, Kwirak , Coelho, Kirsten , Colwill, Greg, Cooley, Peter, Court, Don, Crispin, Geoff, Daly, Greg, Davies, Steve, Davis, Paul, DeBoos, Janet, Demaine, Johanna, Dermer, John, Doar, Brian, Dodd, Margaret, Draper, Lynda, Drysdale, Pippin, Emmerichs, Bernadette, Enalanga, Ida, Englund, Ivan, Englund, Patricia, Esson, Merran, Evans, Penny, Farri, Diogenes, Fell, Fiona, Freeman, Honor, Gardner, Angus, Garnsey, Wanda, Gazzard, Marea, Gittoes, Joyce, Gluch, Ivan, Green, Donna, Greenaway, Victor, Grounds, Joan, Halford, Andrew, Hanssen Pigott, Gwyn, Harrison, Steve, Heffernan, Yaritiji , Heidenreich, Mark, Hely, Patsy, Hughan, Harold Randolph, Jenyns, Lorraine, Johnson, Nicolette, Kitson, Juz , Kohyama, Yasuhisa, Leckie, Alexander, Levy, Col, Lockwood, Sandy, Mangan, Dianne, Mansfield, Janet, May, Maggie, Mbitjana, Irene Entata , Mbitjana , Patsu Morton, McConnell, Phillip, McConnell, Carl, McGrath, Vincent, McKay, Ian, McMeekin, Ivan, McMeekin, Susie, Mercer, Anne, Mincham, Jeff, Moon, Milton, Murphy, Fiona, Nealie, Chester, Nell, , Nichols, Gail, Nithiyendran, Ramesh Mario , Oldroyd, Graham, Olivier, Maricelle , Orchard, Jenny, Ousback, Anders, Park, Sassy, Peascod, Alan, Petrucelli, Peter, Potter, David, Puautjimi, Jock, Puautjimi, Mark, Puruntatameri, Eddie, Puruntatameri, Robert, Rogers, Ray, Rojas, Pilar , Rose, Christabelle, Rushforth, Peter, Russell, Ebony, Rye, Owen, Sahm, Bernard, Samuels, Bill, Secombe, Ted, Sheffer, Avital, Shiga, Shigeo, Shoji, Mitsuo, Skillitzi, Stephen, Smith, Leonard, Smith, Derek, Smith, Yasmin, So, Renee , Soldner, Paul, Sprague, Ian, Srinivasan, Jaishree , Srivilasa, Vipoo, Swen, Hiroe, Szonyi, Stefan, Taylor, Sandra, Teschendorff, John , Thanakupi, , Thompson, Mark, Thompson, Carlene, Thompson, Derek Jungarrayi , Tipiloura, John Bosco, Travis, Peter, Tucker, Kaye, Uranishi, Kenj, Venables, Prue, Vikova, Jindra, Warburton, Toni, Warner, Amanda , Watt, Alan, Wedd, Gerry, White, Kevin, Wilkinson, Zona, Wunyimarra, Bobby , Xian, Ah.

An exhibition of three generations of studio ceramics in Australia, from the 1960s when potters were influenced by Bernard Leach's understanding of Japanese aesthetics, to ...


by Gothe-Snape, Agatha.

Eucalyptusdom was an exhibition that charted the history and concerns of the Museum of Applied Arts and Sciences via Australia's characteristic gumtree. It included samples ...

Explosive Forces: Fear & Destruction in Conflict

by Ashburn, Liz.

Liz Ashburn’s exploration of the dynamics of power with images, form and text

Byrne, Carmel Francesca, b. 1960
Carmel works out of Scratch Art Space, an Artist Run Initiative she founded and now manages in Marrickville.
Ewing, Andrew Hau, b. 1964
Ewing is an artist and designer working in illustration, painting, graphic design and printmaker.
Humphries, Barry, b. 1934
Popular Melbourne raised, London based writer, comedian, artist. Co-creator, with Nicholas Garland, of the 'Barry McKenzie' comic.
Borrack, John, b. 1933
Australian landscape artist painting in watercolour and gouache. Lectured in Painting at Melbourne State College for 13 years. Borrack is in many collections & exhibited ...
Engelman, Joy, b. 1949
Engelman is a regionally-based Australian artist, whose work is internationally recognised and represented throughout Australia in corporate and government collections. In 2007 she won 5th ...

by Morassutti, Giovanni.

Collage: Paper, Watercolor on Canvas.

Max Miller

by Miller, Max.

Survey exhibition of mainly paintings

This moment

by Ford, Juan.

90 x 75cm. Exhibited in the 2020 Wynne Prize

Oil on linen

2020 MonsterFest Adelaide

by Howard, Peter David.

'Pirouette' was an official selection of MonsterFest 2020 and screened alongside the feature *Vicious Fun* at Marion Event Cinemas in Adelaide.<sup>1</sup>. 1.