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A colonial period newspaper illustrator who contributed to publications such as the Town and Country Journal.
Wagenaer, Wayne
Late 20th century cartoonist, Wayne Wagenaer drew cartoons for the 1991 'Quit' campaign.
Mid 20th century magazine cartoonist who contributed to 'Overland' magazine in Melbourne.
Sports cartoonist working in the early 1930s.
Cartoonist, contributed cartoons to 'Strife'.
W., A.
Early 20th century illustrator, A.W. contributed illustrations for the boys weekly "Pals" for six years in Melbourne, from 1920-1926.
Mid 20th century political cartoonist whose subject matter included the introduction of the contraceptive pill in the late 1960s.
Federation-era postcard cartoonist whose work is held in the National Library of Australia. His subject matter included the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney.
Late 20th century Bulletin cartoonist, speculatively the artist Adam Jon Brooke.
Allport, Alice, b. 1840
Sketcher, one of a number of children of artist Henry Curzon Allport. Examples of Alice's work can be found in the Mitchell Library, State Library ...
'Angela' is a contemporary zine artist.
Federation-era Melbourne cartoonist who signed cartoons in the 'Bull-Ant' which included full-page lithographed caricatures of League footballers.
Archer, Alexander, b. 1828
Member of a large enterprising colonial family which included a number of fellow artists, Archer worked for a number of years for the Bank of ...
Aley, Augustus
Federation-era Sydney newspaper illustrator who contributed documentary illustrations to the Town and Country Journal in 1903 and again in 1914.
Avon, Will
Federation era Bulletin cartoonist whose work appeared in 1900.
Colonial-era Ballarat cartoonist whose work was published in the Ballarat Punch. His 1867 cartoon 'The sleep of sorrow, the dream of joy' was a parody ...
B., A.
Colonial-era Melbourne cartoonist who contributed to Melbourne Punch in the late 1880s. There is some speculation that A.B. is Alfred Scott Broad.
Barker, Allan
Mid 20th century wartime soldier cartoonist. Barker's amateur cartoon drawn in honour of Alex Gurney's famous character's Bluey and Curly is held in the Australian ...
Late 20th century Bulletin cartoonist, a collection of original drawings by Barry are held in the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales.