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VJzoo (Kat Black and Jasper Cook) are a duo of VJs/Artists from Perth, Western Australia
Allen, Belinda Ann, b. 1956
Belinda Allen is a digital photomedia artist based in Sydney. She graduated in Printmaking from the SA School of Art in 1977, and has worked ...
Bunt, Brogan
Wollongong-based artist and academic whose practice traverses digital media, video and software development.
Cole, Bindi, b. 1975
Wathaurung artist whose photographic works offer a critique of the way non-Indigenous Australians circumscribe and misconstrue the nature of contemporary Aboriginal identity and experience.
Crooks, Daniel, b. 1973
Practising across a range of media including digital video, photography and installation, New Zealand born Daniel Crooks's complex and beautiful digital images stretch and distort ...
Carson, Dave, b.
Carson is based in Fremantle. He taught fine art before concentrating on new imaging technologies. David has collaborated with many art and industry organisations such ...
De Aragon, Cida, b. 1964
Brazilian born artist with training in art, architecture and graphic design. Her art practice ranges across permanent and temporary works, often engaging with public spaces.
image of 3 Deep Design
3 Deep Design
3 Deep Design is a Melbourne based graphic design practice known for their customized and bespoke work.
Doherty, Brian, b. 1956
Screenprinter, artist and designer actively involved in 1980-1990 Brisbane artist-run spaces Red Comb House, A ROOM, That Contemporary Art Space. And in Sydney, Sydney Intermedia ...
Corbet, David, b. 1955
David Corbet is an educator, artist/designer, writer, editor and curator. He teaches in the Art and Design domains at UNSW and the University of Sydney. ...
Fish, Donald, b. 1929
Fish produced poster designs, logotypes, packaging, TV commercials and illustrations for major clients around the world, including Cadbury's, British Airways, Qantas and TIME Magazine. Founder ...
Goodwin, Channon
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Fowler, Hayden, b. 1973
Hayden Fowler is a teacher, video, installation and performance artist born in Te Awamutu, New Zealand in 1973.
Davis, Jan, b. 1952
A printmaker whose work explores both traditional and new print technologies and the relationship between text and photographic images. In 1995 she won the Fremantle ...
Fraser, Jenny, b. 1971
Jenny Fraser is a 'digital native' who works within a fluid screen-based practice. Her work has been exhibited and screened internationally, including at "ISEA/Zero1" in ...
Zika, Joel, b.
Joel Zika is a Melbourne based print and new media designer. Using multiple projection installation and large format digital imaging he creates work based on ...
Hansen, John, b.
New media artist who has worked across a range of electronic media. His practice has traversed kinetic sculpture, lighting shows and installations, electronic jewellery, video ...
Cattapan, Jon, b. 1956
artist who works with painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, collage, printmaking and digital media. Cattapan was born in 1956. His works demonstrate his interest with ...
Jones, Dianne, b. 1966
Melbourne based Photomedia artist whose work inverts the accepted view of Australian art history by repositioning the representations of Indigenous people by placing them into ...