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Allport, Alice, b. 1840
Sketcher, one of a number of children of artist Henry Curzon Allport. Examples of Alice's work can be found in the Mitchell Library, State Library ...
Adams, Amy
Female colonial sketcher who won fourth prize for a chalk and crayon drawing that was shown at the Melbourne International exhibition in 1880.
Archer, Alexander, b. 1828
Member of a large enterprising colonial family which included a number of fellow artists, Archer worked for a number of years for the Bank of ...
B., A. B.
Little is know of the sketcher whose 1871 wash drawing 'Kangaroo Island, South Australia' was initialled 'A.B.B.' The work was bequeathed to the National Library ...
Abbott, Barbara, b. 1928
Sydney-based female sketcher, printmaker and textile artist who passed her final assessment in art school by completing an Aboriginal reference workbook she started in her ...
A.J. Hall, a resident of Launceston, Tasmania, exhibited a work by Beauchamp in the Melbourne Centennial International Exhibition in 1888/1889.
Benbow, Anne, b. 1841
Anne Benbow lived her entire life in Oyster Cove, Tasmania, much of it on an old Aboriginal reserve. Despite the fact that many of Benbow's ...
Allport, Bertha Betts, b. 1831
A sketcher, whose ink sketch entitled 'Parramatta River' c.1853 was acquired by the Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales.
Biriban, , b. 1800
Biriban or Johnny McGill was best known as a language informant for the Reverend Lancelot Threlkeld a Minister and linguist in the 1830s. Threlkeld thought ...
A draughtsman and naval officer with La PĂ©rouse, several of Blondela's drawings appeared in Atlas, though none were featured Australian subjects. It is thought that ...
Boyd, Arthur, b. 1920
A member of the gifted Boyd family, and grandson of his namesake, the painter Arthur Merric Boyd, Arthur first attended night classes at Melbourne's National ...
Bancroft, Bronwyn, b. 1958
Known for her colourful paintings, prints and textile designs, Bronwyn Bancroft is also an advocate of arts and education for Indigenous Australians.
Bryan, Agnes
Agnes Bryan was a botanical illustrator who developed a great ability to draw from microscopic observation. As a pupil of, and assistant to, Julian Tenison ...
Bungaree, Bowen, b. 1804
Bowen Bungaree is attributed as the first documented Aboriginal artist with the sketch Representation of a woman by a native of NSW, 1823. Bowan Bungaree ...
Burchell, A.
Mr Burchell offered drawing class for Ladies at the Old Mechanics Hall, Melville-street Hobart, Tasmania
Abbott, C. A.
Cartoonist and lithographer, his professional career centres on the Ballarat Punch, particularly from 1867 to 1870. At various times he was also briefly the magazine's ...
Benbow, C. A.
C.A. Benbow exhibited several of his ink drawings at two Sydney exhibitions in 1875. His subject matter ranged from rural Victorian landscapes to views of ...
C., A.
Sketcher who initialled the original sketch of 'Newcastle Harbour and Stockton NSW, looking north' that was later engraved by Samuel Calvert.
Calvert, A.
A. Calvert wrote 'Exploring Expedition... NW Australia 1891'. It is unconfirmed as to whether or not he also illustrated it.