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The OKA all terrain vehicle was designed and developed by Framont Holdings P/Lm later changed to OKA Motor Company based in Perth WA. A prototype ...
A. Simpson & Son
A.M. Simpson and Son incorporated 1910 in South Australia and began the design and manufacture of whitewoods. Designs were undertaken by Woods Bagot and other ...
Anderson, Alice, b. 1897
Anderson was a Victorian motor mechanic, opening perhaps the nation's first female motor garage in Kew, Victoria. She designed an "up and under" (known widely ...
Aarons, Anita, b. 1912
Anita Aarons had a diverse career working as a jeweller, sculptor, art administrator, radio commentator, teacher and art editor for an architecture publication, while living ...
image of Bangdesign
Sydney design company founded by Bryan Marshall and David Granger in 1989. The company specialise in product design.
Byrne, Arthur, b. 1923
Byrne was a steel fabricator, later designing and manufacturing the B & D Roll-a-Door in partnership with Paul Davidson. The Roll-a-Door was originally designed by ...
Birmingham, C.
Miss C. Birmingham advertised as a commercial artist in Perth in 1938/1939.
Barrie, Colin
Colin Barrie was the Foundation Director of the Industrial Design Council of Australia (IDCA), later Head of the School of Art at the Royal Melbourne ...
Connell, Chris
Chris Connell is one of the principals of the Melbourne design studio Chris Connell Design and the co-founder of MAP International Furniture (MAP: Merchants of ...
Crago, Anthony
See Anthony Crego citation
Culbert, Bill, b. 1918
Culbert studied at the Free School of Mechanical Trades, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, designed and manufactured cases for radios in St Peters, a Sydney manufacturing suburb, later ...
Davis, Brian , b. 1930
Davis founded the Decor Corporation in Melbourne in 1958, a specialist designing and manufacturing firm specialising in homewares. Employing a number of Australian industrial designers, ...
Caon, David, b. 1977
Caon is an industrial designer who has worked in Milan with Mondadori (publishers) and George Sowden. In 2003, he began working with Marc Newson in ...
image of Bayly Design Associates
Bayly Design Associates
Bayly Design Associates of Blackburn, Victoria, are an industrial product design company.
Design Centre (Sydney)
A design studio founded by R. Haughton James (("Jimmy") and Geoffrey and Dahl Collings, 1939. Their work includes a bakelite cabinet radio by A.W.A.
Brown, Donald C., b. 1909
Donald C. Brown was a lighting designer with Brooks Robinson Pty Ltd after 1933. In 1947, he registered Brown Evans and Co, in equal partnership ...