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Allen, Barbara, b. 1957
Barbara was an active participant of the 1980s Qld ARI sector.
We Are All Boat People
We Are All Boat People - an activist collaboration formed in response to the Australian Government's handling of 'The Tampa crisis' when the Tampa, a ...
Waller, Christian, b. 1894
20th century painter, illustrator and stained-glass designer and maker. Early fantasy and mystic themes followed by Art Deco style.
Beausein, Claire
Broome-based mixed media artist
Clements, Bill, b. 1933
Bill Clements has written that 'The human face, figure and story is at the heart of my concern as an artist.' The expression of these ...
Colbung, Charlie, b. 1970
Noongar painter from Mt Barker who has participated in several exhibitions in Western Australia. Was included in the Brisbane Powerhouse exhibition 'The Legacy of Koorah ...
Collett, Annabelle, b. 1956
Collett was a mixed media artist who designed costume, furniture, textiles, painted, designed interiors and assembled work from her "Museum of 20th Century Fabric", a ...
Collier, Betty
Collier works in sculpture, painting and drawing using a wide variety of media including carving in wood, limestone and alabaster.
Coulter, Annette , b. 1954
Artist and Art Therapist Annette was an active participant of the 1980s QLD ARI sector.
Charles, Craig, b. 1975
Yorta Yorta and Mhutti Mhutti artist who integrates gold leaf, shellac and other found materials into his acrylic paintings, which pay tribute to his family, ...
Cuthbert, Adam
Adam Cuthbert constructs large, complex narrative driven images, sets and models to present either as objects or as digitally enhanced images.
Chapman, Dale, b. 1960
Dale is an artist and educator. He was an active participant of the 1980s QLD ARI sector.
Beck, Deborah Ann, b. 1954
Deborah Beck is a Sydney-based painter and writer. She is a lecturer in drawing at the National Art School, Sydney, and has been a finalist ...
Bryans, Dennis, b. 1940
Bryans is an artist and graphic designer who has also worked as a set designer in the television industry.
Deacon, Destiny, b. 1957
Destiny Deacon is a Melbourne based photographer, printmaker, mixed media artist, installation artist, broadcaster, writer and performer. She has shown her work in over 120 ...
Bonetto, Diego, b. 1969
Artist, forager, speaker, keen naturalist and award winning cultural worker based in Sydney. Since 2002, Diego has been working as a multimedia artist and cultural ...