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Alderson, Amanda
Perth-based artist whose practice spans new media, jewellery, sculpture and textiles.
Allerding, Amanda
Perth-based artist and writer.
Brodyk, André, b.
Artist who has explored biological technologies and genetically modified material in his work.
Bunt, Brogan
Wollongong-based artist and academic whose practice traverses digital media, video and software development.
Burrell, Andrew
Andrew Burrell is a practice-based researcher and educator exploring environments as a site for the construction, experience and exploration of memory as narrative. His ongoing ...
Canato, Christophe, b. 1966
Canato is a photographer working in video and new media. Initially based in Paris, his early work explored new concepts and interpretations of photography using ...
Barstow, Clive
Artist, academic and director of Open Bite Australia Print Workshop.
Crouch, Christopher
Painter and academic based in Western Australia.
Angeloro, Dan, b. 1977
Half of art collective Soda_Jerk.
Davies, Alex, b. 1977
Alex Davies is an Australian artists whose practice spans a diverse range of media including film, network, realtime audio-visual manipulations and responsive installations.
Deck, Andy
Andy Deck is a media artist specialising in Internet art. His work addresses the politics and aesthetics of collaboration, interactivity, software and independent media.
Donovan, Adam, b. 1974
Australian artist working in the area of science, art and technology. Donovan's work involves robotics, real time 3D environments, camera tracking, sound focusing technology, stereo ...
Degger, Brian
Dr Brian Degger is an interdisciplinary biologist and creative based in Newcastle.