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Cartoonist, contributed cartoons to 'Strife'.
Nineteenth-century watercolourists, husband and wife, of whom little is known. Many of their works are landscapes.
Abadjura, , b. 1904
Bark paintings and carvings by Abadjura were collected by the Art Gallery of Western Australia in the 1960s.
Aglio, A.
Colonial painter from Tasmania whose painting of Hobart Town was loaned by an honourable doctor to the 1896 Old Hobart exhibition.
Zubryn, Alex, b. 1965
Alex Zubryn, painter, was born in Melbourne in 1965. He studied at the Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne and has been represented in numerous ...
Allan, Ailsa, b. 1898
Australian born painter and printmaker, Allan studied with Thea Proctor and Adelaide Perry at Julian Ashton's Sydney Art School in the late 1920s. Proctor would ...
Allport, Alice, b. 1840
Sketcher, one of a number of children of artist Henry Curzon Allport. Examples of Alice's work can be found in the Mitchell Library, State Library ...
Altson, Abbey, b. 1866
Winner of 1890 NGV Travelling Scholarship, painter of portraits and landscapes, Alston also worked in London doing illustrations for Pearson's Magazine and the Pall Mall ...
Zimmerdahl, Ami, b. 1898
Danish painter, printmaker and theatre designer. Zimmerdahl produced oils, watercolours, drawings, linocuts and illustrations which she exhibited during her period in Sydney in the 1920s ...
Wallace, Anne
Contemporary painter. Lives and works Brisbane, Queensland. Wallace has won several awards, including the Sulman Prize in 1999.
Andrews, Annie
Pre-WW1 painter from Perth, WA. Annie Andrews had a studio in the same building as fellow artists Florence Fuller and Daisy Rossi.
Alder, Anthony, b. 1838
Anthony Alder was a Brisbane-based taxidermist who is also known for his paintings of Australian fauna, particularly ornithological subjects.
Zimmerman, Arnold, b. 1897
Swiss-born artist and designer, who was responsible for (or contributed to) the interior design of the Hydro Majestic, Medlow Bath; Civic Theatre, Auckland; Anzac Memorial, ...
Audette, Yvonne, b. 1930
An abstract expressionist painter and trained pianist, Audette's work was influenced both by music and the years she spent in New York in the 1950s ...
Austin, Adrian, b. 1966
Gunditjmara oil on canvas painter, Adrian Austin was a finalist in the 2005 Victorian Indigenous Art Awards.
Azzopardi, Angelo, b. 1847
Printer from Melbourne in the mid to late 19th century. Azzopardi was also a wood-engraver and a watercolour painter who exhibited his paintings in the ...
Andrews, B.
Painter. Exhibited two works with the South Australian Society of Artists at Adelaide in 1863.
Aurang, Ali Baba , b.
Ali Baba Aurang is an established calligraphic painter, having practiced for almost 20 years. He studied calligraphy in Iran where he lived for 18 years ...
The exact identity of the artist Bailey remains unknown - but there are several contenders including the Anglo-Irish sculptor Edward Hodges Baily and the painter ...