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Wahl, Chris, b. 1973
Contemporary comic book artist, Chris Wahl began his career with the sci-fi/fantasy comic 'Oblagon' in 1992. Despite only publishing three issues of 'Platinum' in 1993 ...
Crooks, Daniel, b. 1973
Practising across a range of media including digital video, photography and installation, New Zealand born Daniel Crooks's complex and beautiful digital images stretch and distort ...
Aragon, Edd, b. 1949
Late 20th century Manila-born cartoonist. Aragon was the founding director of the Philippine Society of Cartoonists before migrating to Australia in 1979 where he became ...
Bennier, Frank, b. 1919
Popular mid 20th century Adelaide, Sydney and London newspaper cartoonist and painter. Benier's first cartoon appeared in the Adelaide Express & Journal in September 1934 ...
Cullen, Fred, b. 1934
Mid 20th century cartoonist, actor and scriptwriter.
Bardon, Geoffrey, b. 1940
Geoffrey Bardon was an artist and art teacher who came to Papunya in February 1971. His active mentoring of artists at Papunya and encouraging them ...
Collings, Geoffrey, b. 1905
Mid 20th century photographer, designer, graphic artist, film-maker, cartoonist and illustrator, in collaboration with his wife Dahl Collings.
Gittoes, George, b. 1949
Painter, draughtsman, printmaker, film maker, performance artist, George Gittoes was one of the artists involved in Sydney's Yellow House before creating a creative hub at ...
Bennett, Gordon, b. 1955
Acclaimed contemporary Indigenous artist, Gordon Bennett's work explores the role of language and systems of thought in forging identity. Much of his work is concerned ...
Aikin, Hamilton, b. 1904
English male photographer, film-maker, editor and Presbyterian priest who went outback for Outreach, a Church journal, documenting indigenous cultures and mission activity.
Andrews, Ian, b. 1961
Ian Andrews is a Sydney based independent film, video and sound artist who began practising in 1981. Much of Andrews’ work consists of video/sound collage, ...
Jolliffe, Anne, b. 1933
Contemporary animator, Jolliffe created the half-hour animated film of Nick Enright's 'Maitland and Morpeth String Quartet' using Victoria Roberts's drawings.
Balsaitis, Jonas, b. 1948
Jonas Balsaitis is a maker of experimental abstract paintings and films which challenge the very concept of the nature of art.
Darling, Juliet
Artist, illustrator, film maker, poet, writer of fiction, Juliet Darling also became well-known as the quietly supportive partner of the Sydney based curator, Nick Waterolow