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"Boyd is a graduate of the Jazz Studies course Sydney Conservatorium of Music with 30 years experience composing and performing music for the theatre, film, ...
Chapman, Dale, b. 1960
Dale is an artist and educator. He was an active participant of the 1980s QLD ARI sector.
Brontë, Hannah, b. 1991
Hannah Brontë explores female empowementr using the visual and aural language of popular culture, hip-hop and slang
Hypersense Complex
An ensemble of performers (Dr. Alistair Riddell, Somaya Langley and Simon Burton) utilising custom-built sensor and micro-controller technology in a networked performance environment. The technology ...
Duke, Jas H, b. 1939
Performance poet, actor, dadaist and sound artist, inspired by the underground movements he encountered in the USA and UK in the late 1960s and early ...
Knox, Kieran, b. 1956
Kieran was an active participant of the 1980s Qld ARI sector and in community based media including 4ZZZ public radio.
Knox, James , b. 1967
Sound Artist and Arts Writer James Knox was an active participant of the 1980s QLD ARI sector.
Abela, Lucas, b. 1972
Lucas Abela (aka Justice Yeldham) is a sound and installation artist, based in Sydney. His earlier experimental music pieces evolved into sound sculptures, activated by ...
McLennan, Andrew, b. 1940
McLennan was a sound artist who developed his career through the ABC (beginning 1971), working as a producer, later with the ABC Arts Unit and ...