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Abbakoyok, Alma, b. 1949
Indigenous artist from the Kunwinjku tribe born in 1949. Abbakoyok is known for her plaiting and dyeing work with woven string baskets.
Alderson, Amanda
Perth-based artist whose practice spans new media, jewellery, sculpture and textiles.
Aarons, Anita, b. 1912
Anita Aarons had a diverse career working as a jeweller, sculptor, art administrator, radio commentator, teacher and art editor for an architecture publication, while living ...
Vixen Australia
Melbourne based textile design and fashion label co-founded by Georgia Chapman and Meredith Rowe in 1992.
Alford, Alice Baily
A Sydney-based craftworker and Watercolourist, Alice Baily Alford's work featured in the 1892 Exhibition of Women's Work in Sydney. Alford also exhibited at the Adelaide ...
Abbott, Barbara, b. 1928
Sydney-based female sketcher, printmaker and textile artist who passed her final assessment in art school by completing an Aboriginal reference workbook she started in her ...
Barton, Barbara, b. 1935
Fashion illustrator and lecturer who came to Australia after World War II.
Beasley, Betty
Textile artist from Utopia, Northern Territory. In 1988 Beasley designed a silk batik textile length which is held in the collection of the Powerhouse Museum, ...
Barba, Bibi, b. 1968
An indigenous artist of the Birri Gubba people of Central Queensland, Bibi Barba is a painter, glass sculptor and textile artist whose work was exhibited ...
Biffin, , b. 1748
Early nineteenth century artist Biffin, who might otherwise be known by the names Biffion or Beffen.
Botterill, Beryl Antonia, b. 1907
Mid 20th century cartoonist and illustrator, born in Brisbane. She moved to England as a young woman where she studied art under Stephen Spurrier at ...
Bourke, Anna
Bourke studied at the Seven Hills College of Art, Brisbane. Active as a fashion designer.
Brown, Amelia
Immigrant quiltmaker who is noted for her logo quilts, two of which have been displayed in the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, NSW.
Fashion label established by Cathy Braid and Kirsten Ainsworth in 2003. Fabrics and patterns were handcrafted by Pakistani women.
Barnyawarra, Carol
Carol Barnyawarra made woven bags at Maningrida Arts c.1995. Examples of Barnyawarra's work are held at the Powerhouse Museum.