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Barling, Bianca, b.
Bianca Barling is the recipient of several awards including the 'Malaysia Airlines/Hill-Smith Fine Art Travel Award' and an 'Adelaide Critic's Circle Emerging Artist Award' both ...
Bunt, Brogan
Wollongong-based artist and academic whose practice traverses digital media, video and software development.
Bush Video
Bush Video were the main group of people using video as an experimental art form in the early 1970s in Australia.
Canato, Christophe, b. 1966
Canato is a photographer working in video and new media. Initially based in Paris, his early work explored new concepts and interpretations of photography using ...
image of Barbara Cleveland
Barbara Cleveland
First called Brown Council, Barbara Cleveland is an Australian artist collective directed by Diana Baker Smith, Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, and Kelly Doley, working on ...
Connolly, Catherine
Catherine Connolly is a Sydney-based video installation artist, painter, draughtsperson and curator. Her work critiques popular culture, particularly cinema and music.
Christanto, Dadang, b. 1957
Contemporary Indonesian-born artist, Christanto works across the media of performance, installation, sculpture, video, painting and works on paper. He has exhibited extensively both in Australia ...
Askill, Daniel, b. 1977
Daniel Askill is an internationally renowned filmmaker and video artist.
Crooks, Daniel, b. 1973
Practising across a range of media including digital video, photography and installation, New Zealand born Daniel Crooks's complex and beautiful digital images stretch and distort ...
Carson, Dave, b.
Carson is based in Fremantle. He taught fine art before concentrating on new imaging technologies. David has collaborated with many art and industry organisations such ...
Christian, David
Artist who participated in the Screen exhibition at the 2002 Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth (BEAP).
Deacon, Destiny, b. 1957
Destiny Deacon is a Melbourne based photographer, printmaker, mixed media artist, installation artist, broadcaster, writer and performer. She has shown her work in over 120 ...