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A colonial period newspaper illustrator who contributed to publications such as the Town and Country Journal.
Sports cartoonist working in the early 1930s.
W., A.
caricaturist, initialled a print published in Melbourne in 1858 of a group of dogs with human heads labelled with the names of Australian scientists: Wilson, ...
Mid 20th century political cartoonist whose subject matter included the introduction of the contraceptive pill in the late 1960s.
Late 20th century Bulletin cartoonist, speculatively the artist Adam Jon Brooke.
Aglio, A.
Colonial painter from Tasmania whose painting of Hobart Town was loaned by an honourable doctor to the 1896 Old Hobart exhibition.
Federation-era Melbourne cartoonist who signed cartoons in the 'Bull-Ant' which included full-page lithographed caricatures of League footballers.
A professional photographer, Avarne was working in partnership with John Ness in Bendigo, Victoria throughout the 1850s.