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Artists and activists engaged with the politics and issues of space in the city. Beginning in the 'Broadway Squats' in 2000, Squatspace later evolved into ...
The Wandering Room
The Wandering Room is an artist collective and Artist Run Initiative consisting of David Creed, Sarah Werkmeister, and Angela Rossitto.
Art Unit
Art Unit was a space where music and art came together, with a strong emphasis on performance. It was founded by Rod McDonald and Juliee ...
Yinjaa Barni Art
An art group, consisting mainly of family members, that began painting in an Aboriginal church in Roebourne WA.
Bush Video
Bush Video were the main group of people using video as an experimental art form in the early 1970s in Australia.
image of Barbara Cleveland
Barbara Cleveland
First called Brown Council, Barbara Cleveland is an Australian artist collective directed by Diana Baker Smith, Frances Barrett, Kate Blackmore, and Kelly Doley, working on ...
Boomalli Aboriginal Artist Cooperative
Beginning in 1987 with Boomalli Au-Go-Go, ten artists began Boomalli Aboriginal Artist Cooperative in response to preconceived notions by non-Indigenous people about what constitutes authentic ...
image of 3 Deep Design
3 Deep Design
3 Deep Design is a Melbourne based graphic design practice known for their customized and bespoke work.
Designer's Collective
The Designer's Collective was established in 1979, in Adelaide in order to promote the designs of its members.
No Frills
No Frills* is a curating and exhibition making collective based in Brisbane. Directors include Courtney Coombs, Antoinette J Citizen, Catherine Sagin and Kate Woodcroft.
The Cosmic Battle for Your Heart
The Cosmic Battle for Your Heart was an art curating collective of four artists, including Agatha Goethe-Snape, Kelly Doley, Brian Fuata and Mitch Cairns, operating ...
Art Hotline
Art Hotline was a Telecom 0055 information line that audiences would call for weekly announcements for studio based art events. It was a collective of ...
image of Ernabella Arts Inc.
Ernabella Arts Inc.
One of Australia's oldest Aboriginal art centres. It began as an arts workshop established on the Ernabella Aboriginal Mission in South Australia in 1948. Since ...
The initial Inhibodress collective members included artists Mike Parr, Peter Kennedy, Tim Johnson, John Armstrong, Bill Brown, Terry English, Niels Ellmoos, James Elwing, Michael Gifford, ...
Jam Factory Crafts Workshops
Jam Factory Crafts Workshops was a shared studio for jewelers based in Adelaide, South Australia.
Maningrida Arts
Maningrida Arts, established 1971, is an arts organisation that supports indigenous artists. It has served as a language and research centre; a womens centre; and ...
Lanfranchi's Memorial Discoteque
Lanfranchi's Memorial Discoteque was a residential artist collective based in a warehouse in Redfern, Sydney. It was home to sound artist, artist studios, performance nights, ...
Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre
Art Centre based in Yirrkala that has fostered the careers of many Yolngu artists.
Optronic Kinetics
Originating from the early days of the Tin Sheds, Optronic Kinetics was known for combining the technological and the creative together to create conceptual works ...