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Abadjura, , b. 1904
Bark paintings and carvings by Abadjura were collected by the Art Gallery of Western Australia in the 1960s.
Abbakoyok, Alma, b. 1949
Indigenous artist from the Kunwinjku tribe born in 1949. Abbakoyok is known for her plaiting and dyeing work with woven string baskets.
Austin, Adrian, b. 1966
Gunditjmara oil on canvas painter, Adrian Austin was a finalist in the 2005 Victorian Indigenous Art Awards.
Beasley, Betty
Textile artist from Utopia, Northern Territory. In 1988 Beasley designed a silk batik textile length which is held in the collection of the Powerhouse Museum, ...
Beetson, Bianca, b. 1973
A member of the Brisbane-based Indigenous artist collectives the Campfire Group and ProppaNOW, Beetson's mixed media works, which are always pink, employ humour as a ...
Barba, Bibi, b. 1968
An indigenous artist of the Birri Gubba people of Central Queensland, Bibi Barba is a painter, glass sculptor and textile artist whose work was exhibited ...
Zurvas, Billy, b. 1960
Billy Zurvas's works in the media of synthentic polymer on canvas are depictions of the bush tucker of his traditional country as well as paintings ...
Biriban, , b. 1800
Biriban or Johnny McGill was best known as a language informant for the Reverend Lancelot Threlkeld a Minister and linguist in the 1830s. Threlkeld thought ...
Birch, Brian, b. 1936
Brian Birch, a Wurundjeri man and decendant of the Yarra Yarra tribe of Melbourne Victoria, won the NGV Acquistive Art Award in the 2006 Victorian ...
Bancroft, Bronwyn, b. 1958
Known for her colourful paintings, prints and textile designs, Bronwyn Bancroft is also an advocate of arts and education for Indigenous Australians.
Andrew, Brook, b. 1970
Brook Andrew is a graduate of the University of Western Sydney and the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales. Andrew ...
Brown, Anmanari, b. 1930
Pitjantjatjara artist and craftsperson based in Irrunytju, WA, whose mother country is Kuru Ala, and whose paintings depict various aspects of the Minyma Tjuta Tjukurpa ...
Bungaree, Bowen, b. 1804
Bowen Bungaree is attributed as the first documented Aboriginal artist with the sketch Representation of a woman by a native of NSW, 1823. Bowan Bungaree ...
Archer, Cara, b. 1975
Showed in the 2006 'Our Mob' exhibition at the Adelaide Festival Centre.
Barnyawarra, Carol
Carol Barnyawarra made woven bags at Maningrida Arts c.1995. Examples of Barnyawarra's work are held at the Powerhouse Museum.
Carrington, Betty, b. 1944
Established painter residing at Warmun Community, WA