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image of Schamburg+Alvisse
A partnership between interior designer Marc Schamburg and architect Michael Alvisse (1993) developing and designing commercial and domestic furniture.
Bolot, Aaron, b. 1900
Aaron Bolot was a Crimea-born, Brisbane-educated architect who created many notable residential and commercial buildings in Sydney from the 1930s to the 1960s.
Bond, Albert
Albert Bond was an architect and artist who designed a large department store for Anthony Hordern in the 1880s on George Street in Sydney. The ...
Brown, Alan, b. 1954
Alan Brown was a New Zealand-born artist and designer who trained as an architect in Dunedin and Auckland. He worked in Auckland, Sydney, Amsterdam and ...
Crux, Arthur
Sketcher, drawing teacher, architect and builder. A lecture Crux delivered on the subject of drawing at the Parramatta School of Arts in October 1858 was ...
Blacket, Cyril
Cyril Blacket was an artist and architect who exhibited at the Art Society of NSW in Sydney in 1883.
Brunton, David
Brunton trained in architecture at the University of Melbourne. In 1955, he and Bernard Joyce were awarded 1st prize for bedroom and living room furniture ...
Dellit, Bruce, b. 1899
Early 20th century Sydney art deco architect and painter.
Blake, Douglas, b. 1963
Douglas Blake is an architect and artist whose landscape and portrait paintings reference a variety of Western and Eastern influences from the fields of architecture, ...
Cook, E. A.
Cook was an architectural draughtsman known to have exhibited with the Victorian Artists' Society in 1890.
Ashworth, Edward, b. 1814
Trained architect who arrived in Sydney in 1844. During his stay Ashworth made many sketches of Sydney streets and buildings using pen, ink and wash.
Bartley, Edward , b. 1839
Influential 19th century Auckland architect who had some success as a painter in Sydney, exhibiting with the New South Wales Academy of Art and New ...
Codd, Edwin
Codd began a design practice in the late 1960s, becoming a principal of Codd Hopgood, later Edwin Codd and Partners. He is an architect and ...