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The Wandering Room
The Wandering Room is an artist collective and Artist Run Initiative consisting of David Creed, Sarah Werkmeister, and Angela Rossitto.
Art Unit
Art Unit was a space where music and art came together, with a strong emphasis on performance. It was founded by Rod McDonald and Juliee ...
Beaver, Betty, b. 1924
Owner of Beaver Galleries (est 1975), Canberra and a pioneer of craft-based exhibitions in the ACT. She studied design with Derek Wrigley at Canberra Technical ...
Blake, Andrew, b. 1958
Artist, curator and gallerist resides in NT.
Bourke, Ace, b. 1946
In the popular mind Ace Bourke is one of the two young men who adopted a lion cub and wrote "A Lion Called Christian". But ...
Boxcopy is a Brisbane based Artist Run Initiative (ARI). As well as being a contemporary art space that supports the experimental and inventive practices of ...
Bunbury, Alisa
Alisa Bunbury began her curatorial career as an intern in the Baiiieu Library Print Room at the University of Melbourne before being awarded the Harold ...
Andrew, Carl, b. 1939
Carl Andrew had a distinguished career as a curator specialising in Australian colonial art and decorative arts.