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Ceramic tableware company established by Paul Davis and Jacqueline Clayton.
Van Treight
Van Treight was a furniture design and manufacturing firm producing work with Scandinavian overtones as well as lines of period furniture often described as "colonial". ...
Safe to Skayfe Productions
Safe to Skayfe Productions is identified as the producer of posters for National Marijuana Day, 1978.
Ricketts & Thorp
Ricketts & Thorp were Sydney manufacturers of fine furniture. The designs were often to the clients' specifications. They worked for the NSW State Government, the ...
Abbakoyok, Alma, b. 1949
Indigenous artist from the Kunwinjku tribe born in 1949. Abbakoyok is known for her plaiting and dyeing work with woven string baskets.
Aarons, Anita, b. 1912
Anita Aarons had a diverse career working as a jeweller, sculptor, art administrator, radio commentator, teacher and art editor for an architecture publication, while living ...
Unifor Australia
A business entity formed with Unifor Spa Italy to manufacture contract furniture in Australia and sold through Arredorama.
Bailey & Sons
Bailey & Sons were furniture makers in Edwardstown, South Australia known to have produced domestic timber furniture.