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Conceptual Crochet

by Aslanidis, John, Day, Elizabeth, Dean, Christine, Duquemin, Judith, MacDonald, Fiona, Mackay, Kate, Nicholson, Helen, Pulie, Elizabeth, Rose, Jacqueline, Trendall, Justin, Weston, Shaun.

Conceptual Crochet answers the curious question: Why are so many contemporary artists interested in craft techniques? The artists in the exhibition are trained in the ...

Double Dutch

by Buis, Joop, Den Pourg, Juan , Van den Berg, Jelle, Vos, Rudi.

Project is interested in how outsider cultures teach us to think completely differently. Double Dutch is a homage to artist Colin McCahon and the first ...

Elastics / Borracha / Elástico

by De Sousa, Victor, Holder, Jo, Jubelin, Narelle, MacDonald, Fiona, Madeira, Maria, Pereira Maia, Veronica.

Elastics / Borracha / Elástico witnesses Timor Leste’s reconstruction through the eyes of four artists who travelled to eleven of the thirteen districts in a ...

The Essayist

by Ball, Jac, Cairns, Mitch, Forster, Benjamin, Hislop, Mark, Lawrence, Ida, Mata Dupont, Pilar, Ngo, Phuong, Ross, Nina, Stanová, Magda, Stephens, Jasmin.

_The essayist_ is an exhibition inspired by the literary form of the essay. It presents work characterised by the exacting thinking, careful observation and increasingly ...

The Force of Forgetting

by Ali, Khadim, Aurang, Ali Baba , Hussainy, Sher Ali , Karimi, Sahraa , Mundine, Djon.

The Force of Forgetting: 'From the beginning of the history of Afghanistan, the Hazara people have been persecuted and massacred and have been living under ...

Adiafa/Diyafa: Gifts of Exchange

by Barakat, Nicole, do Prado, Paula Gabriela.

Gifts of welcome and hospitality are common ground to the artists' Arabic- and Spanish-speaking family worlds. Adiafa is a Spanish word originating from the Arabic ...

Feminage - the logic of feminist collage

by Dickens, Karla, Gower, Elizabeth, Holder, Jo, Hunt, Emily, Iqbal, Mehwish, Kelly, Deborah, MacDonald, Fiona, Sandrasegar, Sangeeta, Smart, Sally, Snaith, Tai, Spero, Nancy, Wyman, Jemima, do Prado, Paula Gabriela.

Feminage frames collage as one aspect of the diverse legacy of feminist art practice. In the 1970s, informed by feminism, gay rights and conceptual art, ...

Haunted Lotus

by Ali, Khadim.

Khadim Ali's miniature painting work explores complex moral themes of good and evil, set in the anarchic civil war in Afghanistan, where ethnic and religious ...

The Haunted Lotus: Contemporary Art from Kabul

by Ali, Khadim, Aurang, Ali Baba , Haidary, Zainab, Hussainy, Sher Ali .

The difficulties faced by artists in Afghanistan will be dramatically on view in the exhibition _The Haunted Lotus_: Contemporary Art from Kabul. This war-torn country ...

Mabel Juli, Jiregewoorrarrem—All kinds of birds

by Juli, Mabel.

Jiregewoorrarrem, comprises 25 unique paintings of "all kinds of birds", sound, and a bilingual publication (translated by Frances Kofod, production by Warmun Art Centre) developed ...

Art of Memory, Fish and Crabs: Jacqueline Gribbin and Galuma Maymuru

by Gribbin, Jacqueline , Maymuru, Galuma.

The exhibition _Art of Memory, Fish and Crabs_ juxtaposes two epic series of artwork by Jacqueline Gribbin and Galuma Maymuru in order to set up ...

Following Lines: Art and Ecology from Merrepen

by Falcinella, Marie, Karritpul, Kieren, Kumbi, Gracie, McTaggart, Patricia Marrfurra, McTaggart, Aaron, Mulvien, Ann Carmel, Sambono, Marita, Yambeing, Christina.

Two hundred and twenty five kilometres southwest of Darwin, artists from Merrepen Arts are at the forefront of a resurging Indigenous textile movement. What began ...

Kittey Malarvie & Karen Mills: Conversations and Connection

by Cummins, Cathy, Malarvie, Kittey, Mills, Karen.

In these ‘conversational’ paintings Kittey Malarvie from Kununurra and Karen Mills from Darwin weave stylistic, intergenerational and intercultural affinities. Historically a ‘conversation piece’ painting arranges ...

In my empty house

by Bridge, Loma, Lewis, Ruark.

A major new installation work by Ruark Lewis, In my empty house, includes a collaboration with experimental filmmaker Loma Bridge. The exhibition is a portrait ...

Novel Ecologies

by Benz, Tori, Egerton-Warburton, George , Phillips, Perdita, Stephens, Jasmin, Zhao Renhui, Robert.

The exhibition Novel Ecologies presents a group of artists who contemplate a relationship with a more vital world. Whether looking for greater attunement to the ...


by Fay, Peter, Fry, Trevor, Holder, Jo, Mataraga, Francesca , Raskopolis, Eugenia, Roberts, Neil.

An exhibition and roundtable of artists, architects, designers, local business and activists exploring ways to reignite Kings Cross’s famous neon lights

Oo, Maria Cruz 1996-2008

by Cruz, Maria, Holder, Jo.

Exhibitions by Maria Cruz combine anecdote, art history and philosophy. The title for her first survey exhibition, Oo, means Yes in Filipino. We are asked ...

Kings Cross and Other Follies

by Holder, Jo, Molnar, George.

Molnar delighted in the vernacular architecture and streetscape of Kings Cross. As deregulated height limits and a property and speculative building boom swept aside post-war ...