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, Rag
Designer and cartoonist, 1990s. Rag drew a safety poster, 'Beware of Pinch Points'.
A., G. R.
Colonial era cartoonist. G.R.A drew the cover of 'Sam Slick in Victoria' for a June 1879 edition.
Abbold, Charles
Sketcher and cartoonist, Abbold's subjects ranged from scenes of the voyage from England to life on the Victorian goldfields.
Abbott Roberts, Mary Margaret, b. 1916
Mary Abbott Roberts, who also exhibited under her maiden name of Mary Abbott, was born in Quirindi in rural New South Wales and studied in ...
Mid 20th century political cartoonist whose subject matter included the introduction of the contraceptive pill in the late 1960s.
Federation-era postcard cartoonist whose work is held in the National Library of Australia. His subject matter included the rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney.
Adair, Pauline, b. 1949
Pauline Adair is a New Zealand born figurative artist. In 2008 her work was exhibited in 'Africa - Face to Face', a combined exhibition of ...
Late 20th century Bulletin cartoonist, speculatively the artist Adam Jon Brooke.
Adams, Tate, b. 1922
Artist-printmaker specialising in limited edition books and a co-founder of the Lyre Bird Press in 1977, along with George Baldessin. In 1960, he established Australia's ...
Aisbett, Bev
Contemporary Melbourne cartoonist, illustrator, counsellor and writer, Aisbett was a regular illustrator for Terry Lane's column in the Sunday Age from 1991 to 1993. In ...
Aisbett, Norman Warwick, b. 1921
Mid 20th century Western Australian cartoonist, painter, illustrator and sculptor. Aisbett was a member of the WA chapter of the Australian Black and White Artists ...
Alderton, Dick
Mid 20th century Sydney cartoonist and commercial artist. Alderton created the 'Nursie' and 'Judy' strips for Sydney's Mirror newspapers.
Aldridge, Fred
Early 20th century Melbourne black-and-white illustrator who drew for Melbourne's 'Listening In' and a number of other journals in the early 1930s.
Aldridge, George
Contemporary cartoonist whose work appeared in the June 1999 edition of Artlink magazine.
Alexander, Jock, b. 1956
Contemporary Sydney newspaper cartoonist and graduate of the National Art School. Alexander did illustrations for various Fairfax newspapers for nine years before joining News Ltd. ...
Aley, Augustus
Federation-era Sydney newspaper illustrator who contributed documentary illustrations to the Town and Country Journal in 1903 and again in 1914.
Allan, Jeff
Contemporary Sydney cartoonist who drew 'Living with Adam' for the gay and lesbian Sydney Star Observer during the 1990s.
Allan, Joseph Stuart, b. 1861
Federation and Edwardian-era painter, poster and theatre designer and cartoonist. Allan was active in Sydney, NSW, and Wellington, New Zealand.
Allen, David
Cartoonist who signs his work simply 'Allen'.
Allison, John
Contemporary Victorian cartoonist and travel writer, Allison illustrated Mark Carson and the Kooiker Brothers' '2001 An Aussie Odyssey.'